What successful 7 figure legacy builders do and do well

I'm coming out of an awesome weekend where I had the opportunity to support women scaling and growing their empires to think strategically like powerhouse CEOs who are here to lead legacies in the world.

I wanted to share a piece of the inspiration and the conversation I was leading last weekend with you.

My top 4 reminders for you:

  • As a high performer you can often feel very alone. You are the one leading the movement. You are the one inspiring others. And that no longer needs to be the case. You must surround yourself with other extraordinary top performing leaders at your level to get to the next level. Stop ignoring this.


  • To become an effective CEO you can't count on everything that got you to your current level of success to get you to your next level of success. You need to learn a new set of skills. You need to practice becoming a powerful leader. You need to learn the business of people. Your ability to build an environment and community that has clear communication, expectations, alignment, trust, resiliency, ownership, and personal responsibility comes back to YOU.


  • HIRE + ONBAORD ONLY A PLAYERS...Learn to do this, get help if you struggle. You are costing your business money, time, energy, opportunities and you are costing yourself freedom, health, alignment and ultimately this legacy you are so committed to is on slow-mo...not high octane fuel.



  • The most effective leaders do less better. They have strategic planning skills. They don't work on 15 million things. They work on the big high impact objectives, initiatives, projects that move their business forward towards more results, more revenue, more impact, and more influence. The rest is sidelined or eliminated completely.


To become a CEO of global impact and influence that owns your legacy and life you must be able to do these things and do them well.

These are the things 7 and 8 figure business owners engage in to scale with intention.

Want to grow past 7 figures while building your legacy? 

I'd be honored to show you how.


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You are leaving a lot of money + life on the table

You are a leader. And it’s time to start owning it. It’s time to take your stand. 

I hear this a lot: “ I never considered myself a leader before”  “I don’t know how to find people as driven, committed, loyal and trustworthy as myself?”

Or this one: “Am I enough to really take this to the next stage of growth?”

“I’m burnt out.”

“I want a vacation.  I real one.  One where I don’t work the entire time.”

“I want more time with my babies.  I miss my kids, they are growing so fast, time is flying by”

“I feel like I’m always behind.”  “I need more time.”

“I can’t have another year like last year where I hit 6, 6+, 7 figures in my business and got sick, ran myself into the ground...I’m done compromising my life and my values to hit my goals.”

You know you are meant for more and you are ready to scale and have more income, impact, and influence in the world AND you often get stuck in inertia trying to do it all while you are trying to achieve it all.  

It’s ironic isn’t it?

You spend so much time perfecting your decisions and actions which prevents you from moving forward with a new set of results (the type you really want).  

 You have a hard time giving up control; leaning into what you are resisting (even though you know it’s what will skyrocket your results).

Which leaves you to question everything; and if reaching 7 figures, or those big goals of having it all in life as a woman leader is really possible….

Have you ever noticed when a secure and confident leader shows up, sometimes you will shrink in their presence or relate to them as being “full of themselves.”

Or you hear yourself say “I could have told you that!”  Or "I should I be the coach, or consultant leading that call!”

The truth is YOU CAN BE,  it’s yours for the taking.  

If you dig deep, you can feel the difference between real

“I know, like and trust myself” confidence, and false “I desperately hope you like me” confidence. 

A whole and empowered leader doesn’t desperately seek approval.

They take a stand for their strengths, their purpose, and their mission.  


Let me explain. I get asked multiple times per week "how I've created it all with my business growth and lifestyle?"

If you allow this week to be a HELL YES to what empowers you and moves you closer to your #1 goal and a NO to what drains you and slows you down you are on the right path to skyrocket your growth towards the results you want.  Most people take the step to have these thoughts.  Leaders follow through on these and take actions.

Those extraordinary results are closer than you think and the key lies within you.

Do you have a personal mission statement that drives you towards your goals every day?


For example: 

My highest level program the SoulPowered CEO has just gone through an update and I can’t wait to begin to invite the next round of clients into this experience.

However, it’s not enough for me to just know that in order to create a world-class experience and deliver that for you. To remain clear, focused and powerful within myself and what I have my team working on I have my goals written down.

I have WHY this is important written down. I have WHO I serve written down,along with who I don’t serve. I have my values written down.  I understand clearly what powerful results I create for my clients and community, and guess what – it’s written down!

I know my numbers.  I reverse engineer exactly what I need to do to get there.  I run my company as the CEO.  It’s simple.  I don’t just sit under a palm tree and call it in...and I don’t hustle and grind so many hours that I am sick……..I find the right balance; through a sustainable and strategic planning process that supports me to create those results with high impact actions that are not overly complicated and the structure that creates more freedom for me to have the most extraordinary life possible.  And then I keep taking forward action.  Confidently.

And I read all of my mission, vision and goals  several times per day. Not because I think it’s magicly going to fall out of the sky.  Because it keeps me aligned, and focused on my company’s initiatives and goals and my ultimate vision, mission and values.  


By mindfully creating it; step by step.

When it comes down to it, there's not only a lot of money sitting on the table for you right now, when you look at  your ability to make informed choices, and your responsibility to start getting in the game as the CEO and knowing that not only are you worth it, but your movement, this company and the genius that you are unleashing on the world

actually depends on it.

Not to mention - the other massive piece you are leaving on the table…


You can make more money any time, any day of the week.  

But, the one thing you can’t get back is TIME.

once it’s gone…..it’s gone.

How do you want to be spending yours?   

Not everyone was meant to be a CEO, but you are.

You were born to lead this movement. We need to know from you what your vision, your mission and your values are so that we can get on board.

Movements are led by belief.

Your values, your mission, your vision, those are your beliefs.

 AND Let me tell you that top talent is going to get on board to run your business and they're going to want to work for you; giving you all the time, freedom and results you need to lead an extraordinary business and life. And they're going to lead this movement like it were their own.

And your clients, your followers, and your community they're going to get on board and they're going to join you because your purpose is going to be so crystal clear.

They're going to share. They're going to contribute and they're going to purchase from you and lead this moment with you because that's what movements are about.

People are waiting to be energized and transformed. People want to join movements. Movements are about community. 

Movements are about improving lives and changing the world. I'm pretty sure that's what you're up to.   

So, It's time to be unstoppable.

Contagious leadership is the one thing that sells more and attracts more top talent than anything else in the world. It spreads like wildfire.  

It's your time.

It's time to start leading, the world is waiting.


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Hitting Rock Bottom Can Be the Answer to 7 Figures

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It is easy to have gratitude when everything in your life is working. When you are at the top, when you have a successful business, career, and a thriving personal life.  


Call it “you’ve reached all your goals”


But what about your failures? What about the areas that you struggle with most?


What's your gratitude-level for those?


I hit rock bottom when I was at the very top.  A full blown health crisis that actually took me years to be able to talk about, to write about, to allow the truth of who I am be visible.  This wasn’t easy for me.  I got here through the process of gratitude.


A deep commitment to leading my life and business at the highest level possible.



And a sh*&T ton of work.  Both personally and professionally.


It might sound absurd to you, but I’m grateful for my health crisis.  I’m grateful for hitting rock bottom. I’m grateful for experiencing complete darkness, denial, despair, grief, pain, and confusion.




Because through experiences like those I learned to make decisions. The really powerful ones. Decisions to not look back, but to look forward. Decisions on who I was here to serve and at what level.  Decisions to build my life on my terms.  Decisions on how to lead in the world.


Decisions based on what was a powerful NO

and what was a HELL YES. 


Successful CEOs and leaders make decisions and they make conscious choices everyday, hundreds of times per day.


Hitting rock bottom WOKE ME UP.  and I am grateful.  Was it easy? NO, but I am grateful every single day.


I want you to hear this:

 It is NOT easy to have gratitude when you have experienced loss.


It is NOT easy to have gratitude when you have experienced pain. 


It is NOT easy to have gratitude when you are drowning in overwhelm. 


It is NOT easy to have gratitude when you are spinning in the trenches.


It is NOT easy to have gratitude for income goals that you didn't achieve.


It is NOT easy to have gratitude for those who you know you need to forgive (especially when you were in the impact of their actions, or better yet...forgive yourself)


It is NOT easy to have gratitude for losing a client, a sale, or a big career opportunity.


It is NOT easy to show gratitude when you get the wrong clients because you settled for less than you are worth.


In business, you'll have peaks - (hopefully amazing, high-on-life peaks).

You'll also have valleys.




I know this is not always what you want to hear, but I’m hear to say it.


Write this down and put it where you will see it EVERY DAY:













I won't lie - It’s not always easy… But being a leader isn’t about easy: it’s about stepping into your highest potential to create your ultimate results and performance.  It’s about doing what most people won’t dobecause they don’t believe it’s possible.  It’s about creating an impact. It’s about experiencing a full life.  It's about taking personal responsibility for your results.



Leadership isn’t just a model, a system or a program you can rollout and cross off the list. There is more to a human being’s life than competencies, behaviors, models, or theories. At it’s greatest,leadership is a lifestyle; it’s a way of being in the world. It requires a commitment to evolve and to be whole. Fundamentally, leadership is about service. And service requires being in touch with all the impacts of your way of being.



To truly lead in the world and create the results you want in all areas of your life, it will require you to create conscious shifts and become the leader of your future and those results you truly want.



If you're finally ready to get unstuck from 6 figures in your business, scale to 7 figures all while leading at your highest level and significantly improving your life along the way; I’d be honored to gift you an assessment of where you, your team and your business model can be truly leveraged to accelerate you to this new set of results.


I’ll even gift you my Hire Your Dream Team cheat sheet and interview guide!




Start now: commit to leading, the world is waiting.


Your life, your family, your team, your community is ready for you.  


It’s time to create a new set of results.

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why are you here + what do you want?

The last 48 hours I've been laser focused on the next 6 weeks of my life and my business as there are some really exciting things happening on all fronts and I realized this morning it's exactly what you needed to hear about today.  I sent you this mid-day ON PURPOSE.


I want to ask you something....right now in the middle of the day....








are you breathing right now? .... take a deep breath, a really deep breath.... and then keep reading.





I don't know about you, but I decided long ago that I was committed to leading a life that was on purpose.  A life that was both about my values, vision and mission AND about how I wanted to live day in and day out.



There is a lot of noise about how hard it is to grow a business, how many countless hours you put in, how working through the night and the weekends is a badge of honor, how exhausted you are, how you don't seem to ever have enough time or energy, how you can't find, hire and trust people to do what you need them to do so you can actually do what you want in your business and get paid well for it.



I want to share something with you.  Leading at your highest levelexists in the world of "AND" not in the world of "or"; in other words...the type of world in which you have to give up some aspect of yourself, compromise your desires, your values to get the other thing you want or the belief that you can't have both.  



You can create it all.  And you need strategy to do it...that's it, it can actually be done with ease. 




Check this out.  In the next 6 weeks I'm traveling to some of the most gorgeous, places along the west coast for both business growth and personal vacation.  

I'm going to La Jolla, San Diego, 

then to Newport Beach,

and then one of my happiest places in the world...Maui, Hawaii.


 Not bad, right?  


On these trips I will be speaking as a guest mentor at an event, scaling + growing my business, surrounded by incredible high level entrepreneurs, all amongst complete beauty, self-care, luxe environments, and a peaceful oasis....and wrapping it up with blissful time off with my family to do nothing but just be present.


As a CEO I've built a lifestyle, one that values all of this and allows me to lead and live this way...you can too.  


You only need to do a few things and do them really well to significantly change your life and get the results you want.


1.  You need to know how to hire top performing players into your business...but it doesn't stop there.....you need total and complete role clarity, and you need to know how to lead and develop your team effectively.



2.  You need structures + systems to keep your business and team running on autopilot without you.



3.  And you need a strategic plan that identifies exactly what you need to do, why, and how to measure your success.  (so that you can finally focus on the big high impact actions that will get results and eliminate all the shiny gold object syndrome forever)



4.  included in this plan is YOU.  What most coaches, consultants or advisors won't ever do is push you to see that your burnout, your self perpetuating cycles that keep you stuck aren't being addressed when we only measure business metrics....we need a holistic plan that goes deeper and requires you to do the work on yourself that will keep you leading at your highest level in your business and in all areas of your life.


Let’s be honest.  Results matter.  And it’s time to start leading a new set of results.


How are you working right now?  Are you working 24/7 or have you built your vision?


I'll be honest with you.  My life isn't perfect and yet here is the truth... everything I ever dreamt of is actually happening because I have done the work to create the results I want....


I value family.

I value freedom.

I value contribution.


and I value a lifestyle that allows me to have the flexibility to create, to learn, to build, to be in self development.


And most of all to LIVE freely.


The biggest result my clients get with me is that they serve their highest contribution as CEOs while leading a movement of global impact and influence and ultimately their lives improve significantly. (And I’m honored to be a part of building that legacy)


These legacies are about lifestyle.  Leadership is a lifestyle.


If you are feeling out of alignment right now act, its your time as a woman leader.


whatever your vision is....go after it.


Your life is too precious to wait for, to put on hold...to be too scared about.........  


And if you’re at 6 figures, you deserve more ease and simplicity along with those results.  You need somebody to show you how to lead strategically and courageously; because your global impact and influence is going to require more from you.  I’ll share with you the real skills you need to grow your company, and have an extraordinary life that most people aren’t talking about.


I live for world class leadership that creates results and I believe that you also need to thrive in life to do so, so this is for you if you are ready for that.


If you are ready to lead at your highest level and change how we do business in the world.   And it is appealing to you to have more impact, influence, and more freedom as an empowered CEO and you want me to give you

a complimentary team + business analysis. I'll quickly be able to show you the holes and the diamonds in the rough. It takes an outside set of eyes often to set things straight. Let me be that for you.


You can find out more & apply at ->



The time is now.


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The one thing you want to make sure you do

You want to know how to think like a CEO, not burnout and still have a life you love?


I hear it all the time.  


And you deserve to know that it doesn't have to be so complicated.  


You can really work from anywhere.  You can really have success on your terms.


You can build, scale and grow and not stay stuck in the trenches.  



Let me tell you a quick story about how I made my first 6 figures in business quickly without a website or a business card (in fact I didn't even have an instagram or twitter account until early 2014).....then I'm going to give you a simple tip that I want you to listen to!



This tip is for thinking strategically especially when you feel stuck (and it might just surprise you).

I promise if you implement it, it will work.



When I first left my corporate career I served entrepreneurs and executives. I also immediately sold into well established companies of all sizes anywhere from 30 Million - 1 Billion+ in revenue. I knew from all my years in Leadership Development, Business Operations and Marketing that I needed to be very specific in my approach and very strategic with my time.



One of my major initiatives with companies of all sizes was to be the solution for:




I saw all around me and globally that women at the peak of their careers were fleeing corporate environments in droves for autonomy, flexible work schedules, work/life balance, greater contribution, higher compensation among other things.....and this wasn't just an observation, (many of you reading know this first hand!)




I took it to market research AND my team and I did extensive research in a condensed time period to collect as much information and data as we could find to validate and show this was the case!


Then I built a signature talk titled:


"There Goes Another One....How To Reverse the Costly Epidemic of The Female Brain Drain"


"Female Brain Drain" was the industry term for the fact that women were not engaged, they were checking out, they were leaving at the pinnacle of their careers....voluntarily....


This got me in the door, sometimes I never gave the actual talk, just being the authority in the topic got me having conversations with decision makers, ready to deliver a program, and to rollout the solution.






AND I knew women were suffering and I knew these companies were suffering because all businesses need talented women leaders at the helm to excel and I knew I could help both parties and create a solution that changed the future for women in leadership and in business.



 I found the pervasive and persistent problem that these companies and CEOs had and I called it out, then I got in front of them, and offered to solve it for them. Over and over again.



I spent the majority of my time on ONE THING ONLY.... how to have this ONE conversation about this ONE topic with my target audience (and have my team focused on this and this alone)......this is what brought results.



DO you see how we weren't chasing the shiny gold object?


We weren't trying to accomplish 5000 things at once?


We weren't trying to roll out or launch 1 million programs?


The team knew their roles in this and I knew mine. 100% role clarity...


We knew the vision and the strategy and everyone was on board!



This is essential for productivity and profit that grows and can skyrocket even in a short period of time without needing a complex business model or a million moving parts that make you cross eyed.


Because I want you to have all the success you deserve and I want you to build it and learn to make smart business decisions I'm giving you this....


Here is a productivity and profit exercise for you to do this week:



Grab a piece of paper and draw 4 columns. Keep your mind out of the "how", once you see priorities shake out; you can determine the resources and support you need to create the results you want!


*If you are stuck and need to shake things up, let this be a reframe for you.


  • Column 1. Opportunities (Identify your top 10 opportunities to grow your business)


  • Column 2. Difficulty (to Implement on a scale of 1-10, 10 being easiest)


  • Column 3. Payoff ($$$$ Profit on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most profitable $$$$)


  • Column 4. Priority (the total of columns 2+3, do the math, the highest numbers will give you your priorities, ease to implement plus highest profit)


This is a key indicator of what opportunities are best to move forward with, both from ease and profitability.  


Hit reply and let me know what insights you have, I'd love to hear what opens up for you by committing to doing this for your business.  I will personally respond.


And remember the only rules you have created are self-imposed. Step up and be the CEO of your business; start living the life you want to experience now.


You are worth it.  


Your freedom is worth it.


Your family is worth it.


Your health is worth it.


Your impact is worth it.


Your life is worth it.






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Your People Skills are Keeping You Stuck at 6 Figures

Your people + leadership skills are keeping you stuck at 6 figures.

So I’m bringing the highest level of women entrepreneurs & luxury leadership intensives together for you to break through.


Let’s break the cycle of insanity…. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Let’s be honest.  Results matter.  And it’s time to start leading a new set of results in your business and in your life.


My clients have grown and scaled their business model to make a deeper global impact, increased their revenues, reduced their overhead, and saved more in turnover than I’m allowed to post.  And to top it all off they are spending more time with their families, and have more freedom to do what they love. Bottom line is they are able to finally work on their business, not in their business; giving them all the freedom they need.


Your team must love to do the work that you can’t stand. And they must help you build a business you feel amazing about...one that’s 100% aligned with your values and your vision (and ultimately the legacy you are here to create in the world).


I’ve coached, mentored, developed and led thousands of women leaders and teams of women privately as well as at globally known companies like lululemon athletica, Facebook, Hilton Hotels, Intel, Accenture, Levi’s, and Nature’s Path Foods to the highest impact and the highest income and most of all deeply fulfilling lives.


The biggest result women  get with me is that they serve their highest contribution as CEOs while leading a movement of global impact and influence and ultimately their lives improve significantly. (And I’m honored to be a part of building that legacy)


Honestly, you get taught a lot of things in business when you are  growing and scaling.


….but the one thing that you probably didn’t get taught extensively yet is the business of people: how to hire, lead, engage, and develop high performing teams.


The reality is you’re not great at leading and managing people right now.  You’re ok, but the truth is you have the opportunity to step up and be amazing, to be an incredible leader and you and I both know it.



This is bottom line how all companies make the leap from one stage of growth to the next.  Nobody changes the world alone.



Because I love results and I love world-class teams that produce global change (even more), I’ve decided to invite 4 people to access this in the next year, too. There’s a way to get results and it’s far more simple than you think, in fact it requires dispelling a few myths along the way.



And if you’re at multi-6 figures, you deserve more ease and simplicity along with those results.  You need somebody to show you how to lead strategically and contagiously; because your global impact and influence is going to require more from you.  I’ll share with you the real skills you need to grow your company, most people aren’t talking about.



I live for world class leadership that creates results and I believe that you also need to thrive in life to do so, so this is for you if you are ready for that.


The best leaders, athletes and top performers in the world all need support to get to the top and it will require from you to have more courage than you’ve ever had before.



If you know you are the leader you have been waiting for and you are ready for all the cutting edge strategies that can double your results, make your mark on this world and make more time, then this is for you.



If you are ready to commit to your highest contribution and change how we do business in the world.   And it is appealing to you to have more impact, influence, and more freedom as an empowered CEO while you surround yourself with the highest level women entrepreneurs who are creating real global change and elevating their game then this is the time to get in on the ground floor.


You can find out more & apply at ->




The time is now.


Much Love,



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It's Time to Tell the Truth

A few weeks ago I was featured in Business Insider and Yahoo News. Since then, I have received a ton of questions about my journey, my story and how I’ve built—and continue to scale—my company.

I want to be real with you and tell you the truth about what it takes. I want to pull back the curtain because there’s a lot out there in the industry about how building big companies that generate large revenues, significant impact and an amazing life requires building crazy machines and super complicated business models in order to grow, scale and have "it all" or your version of success.

What I want to give you are some concrete take-aways that you can start doing today that most people are overlooking or not investing enough energy into their business. It’s this simple:


1. Relationships are King and Queen. We are in the business of human beings. Stop being transactional with people. Start leading with integrity, love and your full presence. Build long, deep and meaningful relationships with peers, colleagues, team members, potential clients or customers, and your personal network. I’ve signed clients while on the airplane speaking to strangers. People always ask "how do I grow my business?" and "where do I find my clients?" The answer: they’re EVERYWHERE. Pick up your head, get present, be curious, and start being interested in others! Start having conversations everyday: people are the heart of everything. You started this to create change, and you can change entire communities and countries one powerful conversation at a time. Notice what happens in your business and in your life when you put this into practice daily.


2. Know your numbers and measure everything. Key performance indicators are not just for male CEOs, or overly neurotic business owners. It’s time powerful women to know your business inside out. Know the goal and be absolutely loyal to it. Know how to measure what success looks like and the steps to get there. It will greatly simplify your business and immediately clarify all the junk, distractions and the ‘shiny gold object’ syndrome that you can let go of, delete or delegate, because frankly its most likely not serving your highest goal or ultimately getting you the results you want. With this alone you can double your ROI in a heartbeat.


3. Build a world class team. In order to grow from 6 to 7 figures, and then to 8 (if that’s your goal), you must have a high performing team full of top talent. And, it’s not enough to just hire them. You must hire them, onboard them powerfully, engage them, have them working from their greatest strengths, and have them collaborating, actively growing, developing and contributing to something greater than themselves. The most integrated, aligned team will lead a global movement that creates astounding results AND you and your team will live extraordinary lives in result.


4. Have the courage to never settle. Most people give up when things stop working or when things get hard or challenging. Or, when fear takes over and starts whispering ‘There isn’t time, there isn’t enough money, I don’t know how, it’s not the right time, I've got too much going on right now, who am I to do that?, I'm not ready yet…. It all boils down to fear. Find the COURAGE to not settle even when most people don’t have the courage to do what it takes.


What I know is that you DO have the courage within you.

It lives within you. It's up to you to choose it.


Your choice.

Will you choose to...

Take a stand for your life, for your health, for your business, for the lives you are meant to support, serve, help, because you are here leading a movement?


Not everyone was born for this, but you were.


And here's the added bonus to know there’s no song and dance required to make it happen, just show up and be you unapologetically smile emoticon Four simple commitments can create SO MUCH for you, your business, your leadership and your life.

It can change everything.


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This Is The Only Plan You Need

I traveled a lot in March. I went to NYC and California… as you probably know.

I had the opportunity to meet with innovative entrepreneurs launching new concepts into the world, leaders who are scaling their businesses across the globe and are determined to do business mindfully with integrity, love, and awareness.

I want you to know these entrepreneurs are some of the most driven and inspired people I know. They don’t let other people's opinions or stories stop them and they certainly don't let their own fear get in the way; they simply learn to build a new relationship with it.

The key is that they stay in their own lane AND they do it with awareness of their IMPACT on their own lives, on others and the world. It’s the backbone of their success.

The world is ready for a new paradigm of leadership where people and purpose drive profit. A world where it’s possible to thrive as a leader in your business and in your life while making a global impact and creating astounding results.  

More than that, I’m on a serious mission to change the conversation and lived experience of women in leadership and business. See, if you’re like me, you already realize it’s not enough to just to talk about bank balances and ‘location freedom’.

Sure, that’s nice… but what about the world we’re creating and leaving behind for others? What about the world our children are going to live in? Right now we are sitting on the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to use our talents, strengths and unique gifts as women entrepreneurs and leaders and come together collectively to make a bigger impact.

There are two things you must know and implement today:

  1. What is the purpose behind your movement? Is it leading everything that you do and how you communicate?
  2. Do you have a world-class team? You must have top talent to scale and grow: do you… or have you settled? OR, are you running your business as the Chief-Everything-Officer?

In my work with private clients, the secret is they MUST build and lead their dream team, and not settle for anything but greatness around them. And I make the bold request that my clients lead those teams with courage, integrity, love and awareness. It’s from this place that greater results and freedom for everyone is possible. And, it will change your life forever.

I also ask them to lead from their purpose: a cause, a compelling why, a movement that is so crystal clear that people can’t resist joining in.  

The reality is as your business grows, you shift from being the do-er to becoming the leader in all areas of your business and your life. What got you here isn’t going to be what gets you to where you want to be, no matter how hard you try and force it.

Here’s the thing: nobody builds a thriving empire, global impact and a legacy on their own.

If you are done with burnout and a team that isn’t working, and if it’s appealing to you to have more impact, influence, and freedom as an empowered CEO, I'd love to give you a complimentary team analysis. I'll quickly be able to show you the holes and the diamonds in the rough

It often takes an outside set of eyes to set things straight. Let me be that for you.

Find out more here -> http://bit.ly/1PVBdKm


PS.  If you missed it, here is my recent feature in Business Insider.  Anything is possible when people + purpose come first!

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The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Last week I went to Long Beach with a group of high level women entrepreneurs with the intention to grow our businesses and step into our highest level of work in the world.  It was a week full of ugly tears, belly laughs, a few fake eyelashes, and profound growth….the kind that you only experience every couple of years.


I returned home grateful and CHARGED.  


I’m ready, awake, poised and more present than ever to not only do work that matters in the most impactful way possible but to living the best life possible….


because if not now, when?  If not me and you, then who?


Here are a few key take-aways from my trip that are for you:


  1. The fastest way to grow a business is to keep it simple

  2. You save peoples’ lives  

  3. Serving everyone doesn't serve anyone.

  4. They need you (solution) more than you need them ($). If they say no that is their problem.

  5. Approach life as a social experiment...see what occurs

  6. We are meant to heal ourselves

  7. Systemize the system

  8. Fear is really only present in the 90 seconds before you "jump."

  9. In the event of someone saying "no" to you, say "yes" to yourself....

  10. Who are you not helping? The ones that are waiting for you.

  11. What is your intervention sentence: "How long do you want to keep trying to live this way?"

  12. You have a lifetime value for what you create and sell, and you are probably leaving a lot of that on the table; that means a lot of lives are not being impacted; including yours.


I don’t know about you but I’m done with this epidemic in our industry of over complicating business and over analyzing how to create results.


I guarantee you if you start to be laser focused on the human beings in front of you who need your help and you get out of your own way; pick up the phone, meet with people, and you have the courage to be intimate and vulnerable while simultaneously being fierce, bold and truthful with people; the power of these conversations will transform your business.  And your life.


Much Love,

Sarah xo

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Wheels Up...Time For Take Off!

Good Morning!

I'm up bright and early this morning flying to Long Beach, California. I’m off to spend my week with high caliber women leaders and entrepreneurs who are committed to continuously learn, evolve and elevate how we do business in the world.

As I prepared for this amazing week, I was thinking about what I wanted to share with you about this trip. It’s about serving the world at your highest level. It's about being of service and learning to create astounding results through people and purpose.

I can't wait to share more with you when I get back. In the meantime, I want to share some of my thoughts on how people and purpose drive profit and how we as leaders have the greatest opportunity to change how we live and how we do business.

If you haven't read this post on Huffington Post, now is the time!


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Always believe you can...these women did.

When I left my corporate job I asked myself one burning question:

“What do you want to do with the rest of your life?”

Okay, I know - it’s no small question to answer. But I don’t really do anything small or half-assed….it’s just not my style.

So there I was with my pen, a ruled-notebook sitting at my dining room table in the quiet...positioned to take on the world. And I started to write.

And out poured the bones of what is now SoulPowered.

People often ask me questions like:

“How did you come up with the name SoulPowered?”
“How did you know what to do first, next or 6 months in?”
“Did you have a business plan?”
“Did you always know you would do what you are doing now?”

The answer to these kinds of questions comes down to a couple themes that I embody daily, and that I see in the highly performing women founders and CEOS around me. These women are my peers, clients, and mentors who are also leading movements to improve lives and create significant change in the world.

It boils down to a deep almost indescribable trust in yourself, the universe, the world and an unwavering BELIEF that you CAN and you WILL.  

Even if there are obstacles, challenges, setbacks and failures.  
Because guess what: there will be. There will be a lot of them along the way.
The only thing we can count on is change.  

And the one thing you can count on even more to prevail and progress through those changes is your BELIEF in yourself.

Today is International Women’s Day.

In service and celebration of all the women who have contributed to the SoulPowered community since its inception, I want to say THANK YOU. You are bold and beautiful. Your love, service and commitment is unlike anything I have experienced yet in the world, and it  continues to grow. You are fierce and unforgettable. You are a courageous collective of women that is a force to be reckoned with.

You are leading the movements that will change the world and leave it a better place for our children and the generations after them to live in.

You are impacting nations.
You are shifting communities.
You are changing lives everyday.

You are leaving legacies as you unleash your impact and influence - one powerful conversation at a time.

Thank you for who you are, not just what you do.  

It’s my honor to know you and be on this journey with you.

It’s our time to lead as women. Keep committing, the world is ready and waiting.




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Your Story Matters

This past week I traveled to NYC for an intimate private mastermind with Todd Herman and Selena Soo. And, while in the city, attended Selena Soo’s GKGC live event with 200 entrepreneurs from around the world.

I had the opportunity to meet more people who have a unique story and genius that are on a mission to impact lives and change the world. And, they had traveled from all over the world to be together to learn, grow and take themselves—and their businesses—to the next level.

The thing that struck me were the common themes I observed and heard that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

It’s amazing to me how people can be from such diverse backgrounds, countries, ages, and completely different life experiences, yet can be bonded by a common drive: bettering the world through entrepreneurship. Creating change for the good; for you, for me, for others.  

AND this change is created

by being yourself
by telling your story
by owning what you do and being courageous
by taking what you are already great at and turning up the volume so you can impact millions
by having a vision and committing yourself to it with determination
by being a great student
by being humble
by building deep and meaningful relationships
by taking personal responsibility
by investing in your personal + business development and growth
by going above and beyond
by letting others help you
by creating a business model that honors your genius  
by evolving
by living your life
by resting
by being interesting
by being focused
by not being afraid to start small
by declaring that one thing in the world you want to be known for
and by surrounding yourself with peers, mentors, advisors, coaches, consultants and support that can help you rise to be at your best and create the legacy you were born for.

Ironically,YOU hold the key to all of this; you get to decide. You have the choice.

Today is March 1st. We are 2 Months into 2016. What choice will you make today?



PS:  the leaders I met this past week in NYC have inspired me to reopen applications for the SoulPowered Legacy Mastermind - and we start first thing Thursday. If you want to join a group of leaders who are committed to everything I’ve shared with you today, and who are ready to surround you with the support you need to get there, now is the time:  Click here to apply.

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Become A CEO of Impact and Influence

I’m headed to The Big Apple this week for a couple events. I will be spending some time with  peers that are some of the most aligned and integrated humans I know who are running very successful 7-figure businesses.

Now, I will say this: ‘aligned and integrated’ is all relative. Your take on ‘aligned and integrated’ is different from theirs and is different from mine. Likewise, your company values are different from theirs and mine. We’re all unique and different - that’s the beauty of it.

What I think is more interesting than just the numbers is how these leaders have chosen to step up, have the courage to get out of their own way and say “Yes!” to the greatest course in personal development:being a CEO of impact and influence.

A CEO that runs a triple bottom line company; that stands for people, purpose + profit.

There is a lot of talk right now about what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur and in business.

I will raise that and say the talk is also about what it takes to create and lead an extraordinary life wherein through our purpose in business and in the world, we are able to improve lives and inspire change in the world.

To create significance, success and build the legacy you are meant for in business and in life, the triple bottom line of people, purpose + profit is your essential foundation.  

Here are just 10 of my favorite impacts that CEOs of influence + impact do and practice daily:

1. The CEO ensures everyone (including herself!) operates in their zone of genius (not everybody needs to be the quarterback....everybody needs to be playing to their strengths to win and create greatness)

2. Communication is key to create results. I'm especially talking about the non-verbal kind! 95% of the most essential communication is non-verbal. Nothing is more effective than listening for what's needed + wanted and then delivering it. Pretty soon your team will be delivering it before they (your peeps) even know they need it.

3. If you want world-class results you also need to lead with generosity + vulnerability. People want to be seen, heard, understood, connected to and collaborated with. Once you have this, you will have an unstoppable force.

4. Badass teams feel like family, because at their core they are bonded by trust; they have each other’s backs.

5. They lead movements, they share values, a purpose, a vision and a mission. They don't just preach values, but they walk their talk; they take action, make decisions and choices based on the vision, mission and values. They leave it all on the field, the court, and the laptop :)

6. They honor each other’s visions and goals. They are committed to living their lives to the fullest, not compromising themselves, their health, their personal goals, values, boundaries, or aspirations. They take a stand for one another.

7. They take ownership for results. If it's not working, they course correct. They understand that it's all about staying the course, being in it for the long haul, shutting out the noise, focusing on what you do best, staying in your lane and getting better - in other words growing better over time. This isn't about smoke and mirrors, it's about real growth.

8. Doing less better. Great teams don't try and do everything or be everything to everyone. They focus on being the best at their collective genius, their top goals or initiatives and deleting everything else.

9. Creating extraordinary experiences for clients and customers. We don't need to change the world alone. In fact we have the opportunity to make a massive impact, improving lives and changing the world together when we have a powerful team; being high touch, doing the little things better, make every moment memorable for people.

10. Extraordinary teams rise at game times because it's always a calling to step up, for stretching to your edge, for creating something out of nothing, and for creating the possibility that nobody thought possible + that otherwise would not exist. (I'm an athlete at heart and yogi in body - we all need both sides: the drive for results and the mindfulness, the ease and the effort, the yin and the yang)

Entrepreneurs, leaders, world changers are here to do that. Every day is an opportunity to create something that otherwise would not exist.

You are here for a purpose. You are here for profit (or you wouldn’t be in business). And, you are here because you love people.

It’s your time to step into being a CEO of impact and influence.


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The One Thing I Ask Myself Every Day

“What difference did I make?”

At the end of every day, no matter what, I ask myself ‘What difference did I make?’

I ask What difference did I make? because I’m committed to living an extraordinary life and not missing out on the present moment.

I ask What difference did I make? because I’m committed to saying I’m ready now and not believing that someday, somewhere down the line would be better. Instead I jump in and trust the timing of my life and my ability to lead.

I ask What difference did I make? because I’m committed to growing and leading a movement in the world that improves lives and creates meaningful change.

I’ve always known I was meant for something big, and I always wanted to be surrounded with brilliant, bold leaders creating world-changing movements.

I know you are meant for more too.  

The time is now for women to step up and lead.

What difference are you here to make?

There comes a time in the evolution of every business owner when moving to the next level in leadership and business is no longer about learning more. That time is about getting focused, concentrated support on who you are as a unique individual and your specific needs + desires for both your business and your life.

I know many of you are in that place right now: where you’ve done all the home study courses and group programs. What you most need nowis someone to roll up their sleeves and help you create a specific, customized plan of action. What you most need now is a community of women like you to stay inspired and doing your highest level of work. What you most need now is to accelerate yourself beyond what you thought possible.

These are exactly the high performing women leaders who I love working with, and where I’m able to help affect the most transformational results.

If this sounds like you, I want to make sure you know there is one spot available in my 9 Month SoulPowered Legacy Mastermind.  If you thought you weren’t ready previously, or you needed more 1:1 support, trust yourself and trust the timing of your life!

You are here to make a difference + lead an extraordinary life.

Reply in the comments below, tell me where you are at and we can chat. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Believe in Love

Yesterday was a mind blowing day.

Something was in the air. It was one of those days I had more inspiring, resourceful, generous conversations with women all over the country in one day than I could have imagined having in an entire month! And let me tell you - these were not all scheduled.

I am going to be 100% transparent with you.

Mondays are my creative days. I spend Mondays writing and working on content primarily, I spend time in my community, and time with my team. If I schedule any meetings on Mondays they’re meetings dedicated to those topics.  

I had a few meetings yesterday with major connectors and influencers in my community, some of whom I was meeting for the first time. Here is the thing I want you to get: these women were so on fire. They were so willing to not only receive support, but so willing to give it.

And not because it was easy for them to ask for support, but because it was necessary for their growth.  And these women are in the regular practice of creating in their lives, building relationships in their network, being 100% transparent, and taking daily action to move forward.

I also had numerous—I mean buckets and buckets—in-the-moment conversations with my online communities that blew my mind. Game changing conversations about breakthroughs, decision making, hiring team members, courage, challenges, wins, where it’s been tough, the honest truth about how being vulnerable can be downright hard sometimes, and then unbridled joy, new opportunities emerging, the pure support of women who support one another rising with no b.s., no competition, no pretense.

This, my friend, is what true leadership looks like. AND, bottom line, what it all boils down to is COMMUNITY.

When women leaders have community they have access to more tools, more resources, more support and more opportunities. We lift each other up. We rise together. We win together.

Find your tribe and commit to it. Grow it.

Sometimes women think they need to go at it all alone, or that they can’t find a community of women like themselves, as smart, as driven, as purposeful, as experienced in life or business….it’s not the truth.

If i had a penny for every time a massively talented and intelligent woman told me that she felt “like the smartest woman in the room and that she couldn’t find her people” or that she had “outgrown her circle”....I would be rich!

The truth is there are thousands of other brilliant women leaders right now in this moment thinking the exact same thoughts, feeling alone, wondering where you are.

I’m here to support you leading your legacy in life and business, while having a community that lifts you to your highest level of contribution.

Community is the love, support and belief you need.

If you want to join my free community and you are an entrepreneur, JOIN US HERE.

We’d love to support you on your journey.
If you are still considering the SoulPowered Legacy Mastermind, there is just one spot left for our group starting in March; to apply for a chat with me HERE.



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It's Time to Go Home

I had never heard the words so clearly….“IT’S TIME TO GO HOME”

It was February, 2013. I was sitting in morning meditation in the jungle-like rainforest of the retreat centre on the big island of Hawaii where I had been for days during torrential monsoon-like tropical rainstorms; wading through deep mud, water, and 100% humidity in an attempt to find transformation and a little Hawaiian sunshine.

I was at my third yoga teacher training certification in a decade, not really sure why I was there other than knowing, without a doubt, I needed to be there. I was pretty sure I would never teach yoga asana again from the front of the room, nor open another yoga studio (although it did cross my mind while in the rainforest - not gonna lie!)

More importantly, I went during a time when—on paper—my life looked “all good”. I had a celebrated corporate career where, one could say, I was reaching the peak of opportunity and global impact. I had a part-time coaching business on the side. I had a baby boy at home who was more than I could have ever imagined in my dreams of motherhood.

And yet my health was a mess, my values were being compromised, my husband had a huge career opportunity on the table back in the U.S. that we desperately needed to make a decision about, and I was spending very limited time with my family. I had moved away from my home to put my career first (thinking all the rest of my life would sort itself out along the way). And, to top it off, there was a movement in my body to lead in the world that was beyond what I could articulate at the time….but I could feel it and it grew louder and louder.

SO there I sat in meditation, in the middle of the rainforest, after endless sun salutations on my yoga mat and the resulting (painfully) sore body. I had chosen to completely let go and surrender to the resistance, the unanswered questions, the “I don’t know how’s”, ‘shoulds’, “I don’t have the answers”, the “what will everyone think of me”, and to being in the state of feeling totally paralyzed and immobile.

I kept surrendering, and surrendering to it all again and emptying my mind. I found lots of silence - and IN that silence chose to listen to the waves of who-knows-what kind of nature beyond the walls of our practice space. Then finally, I heard the words…


With very limited cellular service I was able to send a short text home that night to my husband.

All I wrote was “I’m going to be a better wife + mother”.
Then the service went dead. That’s all he needed to know.

I knew what I needed to know from that moment forward; that it was time to start leading my life with alignment again. And, to listen to the courage to move forward with the elevated vision inside of me.

There is nothing more powerful than consciously making the shift to align your ability to stretch into your next level of impact as a leader with what you are truly here for, what really matters at the end of the day, and to honor who you are as you evolve.

Your ability to take the next step requires support and the right community (did I mention in my meditation I was sitting among 150 like-minded yogis committed to changing the world?). AND a whole lot of courage, clarity and confidence to unleash your leadership and impact on the world, and lead your legacy.

It’s time to take that step and make that commitment, and be surrounded with the support, community, motivation, contribution and insight from brilliant women leaders like you, and others that are creatively leading the new way forward.

It's time to lead your legacy.

There are 2 spots remaining in the SoulPowered Legacy Mastermind. 
It’s your time, apply here. 


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Chief Everything Officer STOPS NOW

“Chief Everything Officer” STOPS NOW

When I left my corporate career to start out as an entrepreneur I had one very important advantage above most people, I already knew how to think like a CEO in business. I had become a master at building and developing high performing teams.

Now in my work with private clients the secret is you MUST build and lead your dream team and not settle for anything but greatness around you.

The truth is you need a crystal-clear blueprint for building this DREAM TEAM - a group of loyal, professional badasses who are 100% committed to helping you succeed, who feel like family, and who want to lead your movement with you.


My clients have increased their revenue by 200%, scaled their business model to make a deeper global impact, reduced their overhead, and even saved millions in turnover alone. And to top it all off they are spending more time with their families, and have more freedom to do what they love. Bottom line is they are able to finally work on their business, not in their business.

Your team must love to do the work that you can’t stand. And they must help you build a business you feel amazing about...one that’s 100% aligned with your values and your vision (and ultimately the legacy you are here to create in the world).


My speciality is developing high performing leaders and teams to produce out of this world results, lead movements that make global impact and live a life they love. And the way they do this is team.

I’ve coached, mentored, developed and led thousands of women leaders and teams of women privately as well as at globally known companies like lululemon athletica, Facebook, Hilton Hotels, Intel, Accenture, Levi’s, and Nature’s Path Foods to the highest impact and the highest income and most of all to have deeply fulfilling lives.


I know you, you are here to build your legacy, you want an extraordinary life and you are committed to leading and you can't bear to fire, and struggle with hiring people who don't completely support you.

The reality is as your business grows you must shift from being the do-er to becoming the leader in all areas of your business and your life. (What got you here isn’t going to be what gets you to where you want to be, no matter how hard you try and force it :) )


You need to know the secrets that will position yourself and your company to attract and retain super high performing team members in order to bring your vision to the next level of results.

  • You need to know how to identify the perfect time to hire the right people.
  • You need to know how to truly identify top talent that is the RIGHT fit for your company’s culture, your movement, mission, vision and values AND that will drive business results.
  • You need to know how to build a world-class team that is delivering results (giving you what you need before you even know you need it).
  • And you need to know how to lead people. Leading people is a business in itself, when done right it will create more freedom, more income and more impact in your life, their lives and in the world than you ever thought possible.


Here’s the thing: nobody builds a thriving empire, global impact and a legacy on their own.

It’s essential to have a world-class team, a community that has your back and mentors who empower and support you along the way.

The first step in your journey to “having it all” as a modern woman leader and making a tremendous impact in the world begins with YOU stepping into your next level of leadership.


This is the year you create world-class results, global impact AND you lead an extraordinary life that you love.


I’m committed to supporting serious and committed women step into their next level of leadership.  If that’s you, let’s make this happen. I’ve decided to open up a limited amount of free strategy calls to support you with the biggest challenges you are facing with growing and leading your team today.

During our time together I will give you the top actions you need to take to grow and lead your world-class team to create more freedom, income, and impact.

It all begins with one powerful conversation. 

Book Your Free Call Here (limited calls available this week!)


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The Secret To New Year's Goals Sticking

I want to let you in on why the bridge between ending one year and starting the next is so significant.

While the obvious reasons rise to the surface—it’s a new opportunity, a new year, a clean slate, etc.—the sensation of a fresh start is secondary to the importance of the opportunity to declare boldly what you WILL CREATE and what you are COMMITTED TO.

Without clearly defined commitments, your goals and even your vision can fall flat; you may not have the clarity you need to sustain the goal or follow through with it. In other words, it might not be authentic or written from your BEST SELF - it might just sound good. OR it’s possible you can get caught up in “I think I should’s” or “I have to’s” and set goals from that context (which isn’t your most powerful place!).

What I’ve learned over the last 20 years is when I waiver in my business, my self-care, in any relationship, or my discipline in following my strategy, there’s one thing I come back to: What am I committed to?

Commitment, by definition, says it all:

: a promise to do or give something

: a promise to be loyal to someone or something

: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

I want you to notice something about commitment: it's not just about DOING - it's also about BEING.

Typically we race off into the new year with our massive list, our strategic plan for the quarter, or our goals to power through. BUT, we don’t always consider WHO we need to be—the woman, the leader, the partner, the daughter, the friend, the mother—in order to bring our strategy to life, to execute our strategic plan, to achieve the results we’re after, or to create what we really want.

Here’s an example: my next 90 days consists of the following:

Enrolling incredible women into a High Level Mastermind for High Performing Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs ready to grow, scale, and impact the world with their highest level of work while they live an extraordinary life. It’s one tight community of deep collaboration, women empowering other women, an intensive luxury retreat - and lots of surprises!

Serving a small select group of 1x1 clients in my new VIP 1x1 offerings (only a couple spots left!)

          Serving a select group of executives at Fortune 100 & 500 companies

Leading 60 Days to SoulPowered, my 8 week Group Program for High Performing Women Entrepreneurs to build a leadership-powered business and life

Giving back to my non-profit partners in East Africa through mentoring and continued program development

Time for my health, family, meditation, travel, whitespace. Time off.

To achieve these goals, I need to be patient, I need to be trusting. I need to be personally responsible, I need to be in integrity. I need to be generous, accountable and consistent. I need to communicate and listen with intention. I need to be loving. I need to be present.

I’m committed to delivering my highest level of contribution while being present, at ease and living abundantly.

I invite you to create your commitments, your to-do list AND your to-be list. AND share it in the comments below; I’d love to hear what you are committed to for 2016.

I know you are here because you are a stand for greatness, both for yourself and in others.

Let this be an invitation to you to not just grind out your plan as a high performer for the days and months ahead, but to do the deeper work required to sustain you and create the change and the movement you are meant to lead.

Much Love,

Sarah xo

PS: if you feel compelled, please come share your commitment inside the larger community, we are here to support you having your best year yet.

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You Belong Here

I want to remind you today what SoulPowered is about.

It is a community.

It is a collective of collaborative high-performing conscious women.

It is not a place where people allow you to hide, where people work in silos or where you’re told exactly what to do step by step because we know you are a whole, brilliant, capable woman who’s ready to unleash your greatness in the world.

This is a place where you are lifted by significance, sisterhood and your greatest calling; the calling that you are meant for more.

It is a community that doesn’t just preach leadership as a lifestyle; it’s where it’s practiced and lived - every day.

It’s a group of people who make the conscious choice to lead in all areas of their life.

Your vision, your mission, your movement and your life. They all happen here.

You don’t create change in the world alone. You’ve done that, it’s behind you. No more.

You’ve spent years—if not decades—of your life performing, ‘surviving your life’ in service of your work and your contribution.

You’ve been hiding the shit that you don’t think you are worthy of. You’ve been avoiding sharing yourself fully with the world: afraid you don’t know how to be of service, resisting what you know you are meant for, fearing you won’t be valued, telling yourself you’re different somehow.

But I’m here to tell you you’re not different - that you belong here.

It’s time to lead the change in your life, the change for others and the change in the world you know you are meant for.

I’m here to call you forth into your greatness and with that, I’m asking you to call forth your truth that brings light to the darkness. In that place, you find power.

Personal power beyond what you’ve imagined.
Power that comes from leading from wholeness.
Leading from courage, awareness, love + tenacity.
Leading from your unique genius.
From knowing the human beings in your community.
From being with others in a way that you are totally committed, in 100% integrity.

You will start to see the women in this community just like you, not as different.
You will see you have collective consciousness + intelligence supporting you.

There will be no depth, no place that you are not willing to go.
No depth, darkness, fears, doubts, you can’t be with.

This is a place that only real and powerful conversations live.

This is your tribe.
Women changing the world.
Women leading the movements that matter.
Women changing how we do business, improving lives and the world simultaneously.

Knowing that we can live bold, beautiful lives that we desire AND we can make a huge impact.

The truth that burns within you is spoken here.
This is where women come to lead.
This is where you become real, raw and relevant.
This is where you speak the truth about what you feel, what you see, where you are, what you want to create and who you want to be.

Here is where you share the truth inside of you that no one else sees.

When you nurture this truth and allow it to grow, you become unstoppable and your truth fuels your greater desire to step into what you are meant for - and use it as a force for good.

You have been operating from a culture that tells you what you should be, what you want, how it should look and where to spend your time.

My question for you is this:

What is the cost of your current way of living?
What is the cost of not showing up?
What is the cost of sacrificing your self-care? Your health?
What is the cost of not showing up at home as powerful as you show up in your work?
What is the cost of not keeping your commitments? Not keeping your word?
What is the cost to not being present for your family? Your friends? Your relationships?
What is the cost of not stepping up and being the leader you are meant to be?
For yourself? For others? For the world?
What is the cost of having you hide in a place where you can’t be fully free?
What is the cost of not speaking your truth?

If you can’t find your courage, you won’t be vulnerable, you won’t be real, you won’t connect. If you don’t connect you can’t create and if you don’t connect you won’t build trust.

Without trust you are only creating more distance between what you want to impact, the life you really want to have and how you can create change in the world.

You were born to lead your legacy, to define what having it all is, in a world that is now asking you to look beyond your own survival and lead movements that make impact.

It comes down to 2 things:

1) Why are you here?

2) What do you want?

Women do not need to be sedated, more masculine, more educated, more of a bitch, more spiritual, more of a commodity, more loud, more quiet, more worthy of (fill in the blank here).

Women, it’s time to build a world that supports the legacy you want to create; one in where you thrive in all areas of your life, stretch into your highest level of impact and you rise from the foundation of love.

Your Whole Self, when integrated and aligned, shows up when you most need to lead, when you are being called to step up, to get shit done (intentional + aligned action). And at some point that part of you was rejected by the world.

The part of you that feels no longer ok with the way things are.
The part of you that has been pretending to be ok.
The part of you that has been settling.
The part of you that drives harder, performs, and accelerates more when the stakes are high or shit hits the fan.

When everyone else disappears, doubts and questions whether it can be done, you even doubt it yourself you say to yourself “I’ve got this” “ I’ll show them”  “I will handle it.”

Call this part of you into expansion into the creation of your future.

This isn’t a quick seminar, or a conference, blueprint, or an online marketing program.

This is a way of living and leading in the world.

The only thing on the line here is your life.

It’s time to set it free.



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Something I've never told you

2015 has been one hell of a year.

I’ve been thinking about writing to you for weeks now about what I wanted to share about my year.

The truth is it’s taken me that long to be able to write this to you.  

Why? Partially because I noticed a lifelong pattern emerging of wanting to only share the great news, the stellar results, the huge wins and tell you that everything is amazing.

So I waited another week. And then I waited another week, yet again. I noticed online celebrations of the year starting to pop up left, right and center. Sometimes they were in the form of newsletters, and sometimes they were photo montages. Sometimes they were well-known entrepreneurs sharing their big years, their gratitude, their breakthroughs, their wins, and a few shared their failures. As the ‘end of the year’ reflection flurry continued, I knew there was something for me to communicate.

I kept asking myself ‘What do I want to share about 2015?’

And here is the truth.

In 2015 my business grew 10-fold.
I served hundreds of high performing leaders globally.
My team grew substantially; sometimes we were small and mighty and during launches as large as 12 spanning various continents!
I wrote every week for the first time in years.
I launched an interview series called #WomenWhoLead.
I launched 60 Days to SoulPowered, my signature group program and watched powerhouse women transform the way the lead their business and their lives.
I’ve maintained an intimate Facebook Group community (Lead with Soul) for conversations about leadership, business and growth that fuel women entrepreneurs and who are surrounded by  a community of like-minded women - not an icky online forum.
My community overall has grown to thousands all over the globe.
I was featured in press, countless podcast interviews, and even had the opportunity to be interviewed in MindValley’s Evercoach community.
Let’s just say on paper, it’s been a good year.

Here is the other truth - the one I’ve wanted to share with you more than the list above (the one I’ve been pondering):

There were 2 themes in 2015: Loss and GO Big or Go Home

Back in 2014, I chose to bring on a part-time business partner. In late 2014, before we really had a chance to do any substantial work she left very suddenly. At the time it crushed me. It felt like someone reached into my body and took out my heart, my stomach, and part of my vocal chords simultaneously. A large vision was left on the table for me to bring to life, and I stood alone in it for sometime. I really grieved the potential that never had a chance to be born. This newsletter is the first time I’ve publicaly spoken about it.

Out of that loss, I created step by step momentum and a new sense of Self. I gained great clarity. And with clarity came confidence about what was required of me.

2015 was my year to own it, let go of that vision and recreate my OWN. You see, business is an evolution. I’ve learned this again and again in my 16+ years in business; if you are not evolving you are not growing, and if you aren’t growing you’re stagnant (or worse).

Basically, 2015 was about GO BIG OR GO HOME for me. And, it wasn’t about proving anything to anyone, certainly not to the world, or even myself. It was about listening to what I was truly called for—the thing I was meant to do in the world—and to allow myself to be in full expression of it, no matter what.

Later in 2015 I experienced great loss again in a different form: I experienced losing my grandmother a huge part of my family legacy. I faced mortality and grief in a way that I have never met them before. Seeing someone’s last few breaths, last squeeze of the hand, last murmur of the voice, yet knowing their spirit thrives on.

My family legacy runs deep. We are wired to do and be who we are; to create success on our own terms, to lead in business and to lead, teach, mentor and coach others. I miss my grandma and yet I feel more compelled than ever to lead this movement for women, to create a world that does better for my son and to be present every day for what really matters. Experiencing loss and grief, the depths of myself and my family and asking myself to feel, live and breathe through it while I served at my highest level has been a wild and expansive journey. And I now know it’s possible to do the very thing you are meant to do more than anything - even when your world is cracked wide open.

2015, you have surely cracked me open, and asked me to rise.
2015, you asked me to step up and lead as a mother and be more present for Jackson.
2015, you asked me to show up, suck it up, and pull up my boots at times when stakes were high.
2015, you asked me to embrace my failures and deepen into who I really am.

2015, you asked me to have some late nights, early mornings, and long days in service of my vision, mission, the impact I want to make on this planet and the life I choose to live.
2015, you asked me to truly honor experiences over more stuff and things.
2015, you asked me to surrender when shit got hard and the world didn’t make sense.
2015, you asked me to have more courage to step up yet again and listen to what is needed and wanted and go deliver it.

2015, you asked me to continuously be a better partner in my marriage.
2015, you asked me to meditate, DAILY.
2015 you challenged me to be more disciplined, to do more soul searching. You made me cry, you brought unanswered calls, you brought unbridled joy, you brought fulfillment, you brought new love into my life.

And you brought a new set of goals and an expanded vision that I can’t wait to conquer with you in 2016.



PS. My biggest learning of 2015 is the very thing you’ve been searching for is right in front of you.  :)

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