It’s Not A Perfect Fairytale

If you are like most people, there is some aspect of your life that you want to change.  Whether it is losing a few pounds, making more money, having more freedom, seeing more of the world, taking your business to the next level, saving a nest egg, being more present for the people you love the most, or fixing that 'thing' that constantly bothers you, wanting something to be different is an experience shared by many.  

The thing is, SO many people wait for the 'right time' to do something about it. The issue with waiting is that life happens. And, when it does, we put off taking action...sometimes forever.   

People often think success or life transformations happen over night. However, they don’t. They happen with commitment, discipline, hard work and a relentless mindset focused on creating a new way of being or a new reality.

I get asked a lot about my life and business and I want to share the truth about it all with you. What’s honest is that it’s not a perfect fairytale; it’s been more of a journey, and is still a practice of discipline and commitment.


The Journey Of A Lifetime

Here’s an intimate personal experience that hits this home.

It took some time before I was willing to share this story, but every person that has heard it says it helped them tremendously - and that is why I'm sharing it with you.

Most of you who have followed me for some time know that I had a big, successful corporate career.

On paper it all looked great: I had big jobs in senior leadership, I led global teams, I made my company lots of money. I developed leaders, upon leaders, upon leaders. I was very visible, I changed a lot of lives, and I made a lot of money.

And behind it all I was suffering.

Let me set the record straight: I wasn’t always struggling. I loved my career, I loved my roles, I loved the work, I loved my contribution, and I loved each and every human being I got to support, develop and contribute to.  

It wasn’t until the moment came where I woke up with a dislocated shoulder after being unconscious from a grand mal seizure just days after the biggest promotion of my career that the suffering and struggle set in. I remember after having multiple brain scans and full body tests done, laying alone in the hospital after my family had retired for the evening and realizing something was wrong - really wrong.  

All I could think in that moment was “What is happening to me?”


Hard To Heal

Not only would it take an entire year to rehab my dislocated shoulder, but something was happening neurologically that I didn’t understand. And somehow, I could feel that my life was about to take a turn.

At that time I wasn’t awake and aware enough, or shall I say “READY” enough, to embrace the turn my life wanted to take. So I resisted.  I resisted like hell.

And do you know what happened? It got worse. I continued to have more episodes of different kinds, most of which were grand mal seizures where I lost consciousness. I had to have continued treatment. I spent a lot of time in ERs and with neurologists attempting to analyze my way out of the cycle and repeated incidents.

Here is the thing: you can’t “analyze” your way out of anything. There is more to consider. Nothing in life is one-dimensional.

I started to realize this slowly and surely as each wake up call got a little louder.

I started to realize my sense of wealth in the world was totally confused.

Yes, I always wanted to be financially secure; I wanted to build financial freedom and wanted to be able to give back.

But not at the cost of my own life. Not at the cost of my family’s life, or of losing friends, or never going on vacation. And definitely not at the cost of not pursuing my dreams.

I had over identified myself and my gifts with one vision, one way of operating.  

Then my son Jackson came, and I had six seizures in one week. I was done; that was the last straw. I knew from that point on every choice, decision and action I took had to be about first leading myself, then leading others, then leading in the world. No more living in denial and fear, no more worrying about what others think. No more pleasing.

I knew there was a movement to lead and it was time to lead it.


Choosing My Life

I decided to start leading my own life.

What was the opportunity in all of this? I could re-invent my life. So I got busy:

  • I wrote a vision for my life.
  • I wrote some powerful goals.
  • I drew my business plan on piece of ruled notebook paper.
  • I decided to practice  what I knew would work: to act as if I already reached my goals.
  • I DECIDED to do the work in all areas of my life, not just my business.

I knew things would work out if I consistently moved in the direction of success; it would lead me to being SUCCESSFUL. I put what I learned in my business and leadership development career into play. I did the research I needed to (and continue to) do to conquer my health, and I got it back. I did the work: the leadership work, the personal work. I did not take short cuts. Let me say that again: I DID THE WORK.

You have a story too.

You have the opportunity to start leading.

The world is waiting for you.

You have the choice.

It takes one commitment to start today.


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