If It Doesn’t Matter...Get Rid Of It.

In the Learning + Development community, there is a term we like to use called ‘firehosing’ people - you might be familiar with it. Coaches and leadership practitioners like to joke about building curriculum, content, programming, or any learning journey in a way that is not going to “firehose” someone.  

In other words: completely drown them.

You know the type of experience: where you are flooded with so much information that you can barely think, breathe or keep it all straight..forget about trying to implement it or apply it!

We all the want the tools to live a better life, be successful, and experience significance. Yet why do we often “firehose” ourselves with too many of them: so many to-do’s, so much information and so many distractions?

To be sane—let alone successful—requires you to consistently remove activities and information that don't matter so you can create the impact and life you truly desire.  

So many of us fill our lives with unnecessary distractions; ones that steal the focus from our vision and goals, and steal our personal power.

We distract ourselves with what’s going on online, by taking on work that isn’t our best work, by saying “Yes” when we really mean “No” or by doing ‘busy’ work instead of the work that matters.

You were born to be a leader, and leading isn’t always glamorous. However, leading DOES require you to be decisive. It asks you again and again to strengthen the muscle of decision making that supports you in cutting off what doesn’t serve your purpose, your legacy, the lives you are impacting and the life you are creating.

To go beyond business and build your legacy, less is truly more.

What is it time to get rid of? Reply in the comments below - I’d love to  hear from you.


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