It’s November...time for a reality check. There are only 59 days left in 2015.  

I want you to be bold + honest right now: what are the next 59 days about for you?

Regardless of your goals, your intentions for the year or your plans for the next two months, it’s time to WAKE UP; the world needs you to be awake and aware to evolve.


You have one precious life to live, and you are not here to settle, to sit back and be mediocre. This is your opportunity to LIVE, to breathe, to experience, and to make an impact; your time is NOW.

This is my invitation for you to WAKE UP any part of you and your life that is asleep, turned off, blocked, in resistance or in avoidance.

This is my invitation for you to give yourself permission to live an extraordinary life. If that feels challenging right now—and it very well may—do it in service for the people you love and the people you want to impact in the world.

Stop following meaningless accounts on social media. Stop saying “yes” when you really mean “no”. Stop dreaming about how your life could be, would be, or should be. Stop being so busy that you lose the time to learn.

Nobody intends to have a mediocre life. It’s time to step up in service of your life and for the world you want to live in.

Remember, an average life is just a series of average choices.

Here's my advice on breaking free from being checked out, turned off or tuned out of life:

  • Start saying yes to what lights you up, energizes you, and sets your soul on fire.
  • Start taking inspired + intentional action.
  • Start reading more; at least 2 books in the next 90 days.
  • Start surrounding yourself with brilliant people. Remember: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  Is it time to up your inner circle game?
  • The next 59 days are yours. You have the opportunity today to make a choice about what they’re going to look like.

If you have been waiting for a sign or unable to give yourself permission….this is it.



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