Success, Significance + Sisterhood

I’m full of gratitude this week.

Thanksgiving week always makes me pause and reflect. But for some reason, this year seems to have brought a heavier dose of reflection than I’ve experienced in previous years.  

I have a lot of things to be grateful for: my family, my team, this community. AND I’m so honored and grateful for the opportunity to go on an incredible journey with many extraordinary women through my group program 60 Days to SoulPowered.

After working together over the course of two months, women walked away transformed, connected, playing a bigger game, living on purpose, leading from their genius, building teams, attracting greatness into their business and stepping into their highest level of work with courage and tenacity.  

And the best part was they held each other through vulnerability, new challenges, being seen and heard, through taking bold risks, stepping into the unknown, facing failure and uncertainty.

AND they celebrated each other with deep appreciation, gratitude, partnership, and love.

I’m  so grateful for the opportunity to mentor these extraordinary women, to know these human beings and to have them in my life.

I teach about the distinction between significance versus success in the program. And it was THESE women who showed me the distinction of living a significant life and what it looks like to show up 100% in sisterhood, to have your skin in the game, to change the world through your leadership and work as a collective.

A handful of years ago, I had a vision that I would shift everything in my business and career to focus on empowering women in leadership. It’s always been my #1 focus and today, reflecting on all that’s occurred, I am so grateful I had the courage to listen to that calling and step into my highest level of work so I could be present and available for these women.

I now serve high performing women who are building high growth companies...but what they’re really up to is building their legacies in the world.

SoulPowered is a leadership development and coaching company that coaches extraordinary leaders and conscious companies on a mission to improve lives and create change in the world.

It’s a community. It’s a movement.  
It’s here for you to take the next step in your leadership.


PS: I work with extraordinary leaders because I believe in a world where courageous leaders thrive in all areas of their lives; where incredible work environments take root and grow; and where organizations rise because they improve lives and change the world from the foundation of love.  

It’s your time; step into your next  level of leadership.
The door has reopened to join us for 60 days of SoulPowered.
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