I promise that proving yourself stops here, and your legacy starts now

I promise that proving yourself stops here, and your legacy starts now

My wake up call came as the medics carried me on a stretcher out of my house past my 5 week old baby.  I had 6 grand mal seizures in just that week alone. And there had been others.

I knew 2 things my entire life. First, that I would make a massive impact in the world. And second, that I would be a mother.  In that moment I awoke to the truth that I was completely unavailable for both.

I had been proving myself for over a decade; for so long it seemed impossible for me to  actually know what was true anymore.

I had built an incredible life. I had helped build a coveted billion dollar international company.

Everyone thought I had “it all”. Except I didn’t.

I decided to stop lying to myself that very moment.
I decided to stop proving myself no matter what.

Your TRUTH as a modern Woman Leader is as crucial to your life as the air you breathe.

My clients are high performing Women Leaders building world-changing movements who also seek  a life they don’t need a vacation from because their lives are abundant, extraordinary and on purpose.

My clients build lives of depth while working with me. They expand their reach, make a global impact, thrive and have more peace.

I’ve developed the highest level of leadership training to focus not only on being the CEO of your business, but the CEO of your life.  It’s time to take leadership out of the corporate closet and start leading and thriving in all areas of your life.

It’s time for a completely different conversation about Women in Leadership, Business, and Success.

It’s time to talk about you as a Leader and the Legacy you are creating.

What do you want to be known for?
What do you want to contribute?
What do you want to experience?
What do you want to remember?
What do you really want?
What is it time for now?

I’m taking a stand for you, and the leader you are born to be...your fullest leadership potential by saying that if you’re not thinking about long term vision, purpose and impact from a place of total integrity, authenticity and attunement - you won’t have the stamina and the inner resources to be the leader of your business or this sacred life of yours for the long haul.

I’ve mentored and been mentored by the highest level online entrepreneurs for the last several years. But my success story starts with offline business - globally known companies like lululemon athletica, Facebook, Hilton Hotels, Accenture, Levi’s, and Nature’s Path Food where I’ve coached, mentored, developed and led thousands of  women leaders and teams of women to the highest impact and the highest income and most of all to have deeply fulfilling lives.

And more than that - I’m on a serious mission to change the conversation and lived experience of women, business and impact.

Through combining what we know about offline and online business, community, service, leadership and impact - I’d say we’re unstoppable as a collective force.

I’m working with a very small, select group of women over the next year to bring your highest level of leadership and purpose to the forefront while you serve and thrive in a more intuitive and integrated way than you ever imagined possible. Where the reason you started building this business becomes more realized and you can stop focusing so much on the day to day running of your business operations, and deeply discover and actualize YOUR LEGACY.

Leadership isn't just a model, a system or a program you can rollout and cross off the list. There is more to your life than competencies, models, or theories.

At it's greatest, leadership is a lifestyle; it's a way of being in the world. It requires a commitment to evolve and to be whole. Fundamentally, leadership is about service. And service requires being in touch with all the impacts of your way of being.

To truly lead in the world and create the results you want in all areas of your life, it will require you to create conscious shifts and become the leader of your future.

Start now: commit to leading, the world is waiting. Your life, your family, your team, your community depends on it.

The first step in your journey to “having it all” as a modern woman leader begins with one powerful conversation.

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This is more than a business mastermind. More than a “lifestyle” pitch. It’s an emerging global movement and I want you to be on the ground floor. If it’s your time, let’s be in touch.


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