You Belong Here

I want to remind you today what SoulPowered is about.

It is a community.

It is a collective of collaborative high-performing conscious women.

It is not a place where people allow you to hide, where people work in silos or where you’re told exactly what to do step by step because we know you are a whole, brilliant, capable woman who’s ready to unleash your greatness in the world.

This is a place where you are lifted by significance, sisterhood and your greatest calling; the calling that you are meant for more.

It is a community that doesn’t just preach leadership as a lifestyle; it’s where it’s practiced and lived - every day.

It’s a group of people who make the conscious choice to lead in all areas of their life.

Your vision, your mission, your movement and your life. They all happen here.

You don’t create change in the world alone. You’ve done that, it’s behind you. No more.

You’ve spent years—if not decades—of your life performing, ‘surviving your life’ in service of your work and your contribution.

You’ve been hiding the shit that you don’t think you are worthy of. You’ve been avoiding sharing yourself fully with the world: afraid you don’t know how to be of service, resisting what you know you are meant for, fearing you won’t be valued, telling yourself you’re different somehow.

But I’m here to tell you you’re not different - that you belong here.

It’s time to lead the change in your life, the change for others and the change in the world you know you are meant for.

I’m here to call you forth into your greatness and with that, I’m asking you to call forth your truth that brings light to the darkness. In that place, you find power.

Personal power beyond what you’ve imagined.
Power that comes from leading from wholeness.
Leading from courage, awareness, love + tenacity.
Leading from your unique genius.
From knowing the human beings in your community.
From being with others in a way that you are totally committed, in 100% integrity.

You will start to see the women in this community just like you, not as different.
You will see you have collective consciousness + intelligence supporting you.

There will be no depth, no place that you are not willing to go.
No depth, darkness, fears, doubts, you can’t be with.

This is a place that only real and powerful conversations live.

This is your tribe.
Women changing the world.
Women leading the movements that matter.
Women changing how we do business, improving lives and the world simultaneously.

Knowing that we can live bold, beautiful lives that we desire AND we can make a huge impact.

The truth that burns within you is spoken here.
This is where women come to lead.
This is where you become real, raw and relevant.
This is where you speak the truth about what you feel, what you see, where you are, what you want to create and who you want to be.

Here is where you share the truth inside of you that no one else sees.

When you nurture this truth and allow it to grow, you become unstoppable and your truth fuels your greater desire to step into what you are meant for - and use it as a force for good.

You have been operating from a culture that tells you what you should be, what you want, how it should look and where to spend your time.

My question for you is this:

What is the cost of your current way of living?
What is the cost of not showing up?
What is the cost of sacrificing your self-care? Your health?
What is the cost of not showing up at home as powerful as you show up in your work?
What is the cost of not keeping your commitments? Not keeping your word?
What is the cost to not being present for your family? Your friends? Your relationships?
What is the cost of not stepping up and being the leader you are meant to be?
For yourself? For others? For the world?
What is the cost of having you hide in a place where you can’t be fully free?
What is the cost of not speaking your truth?

If you can’t find your courage, you won’t be vulnerable, you won’t be real, you won’t connect. If you don’t connect you can’t create and if you don’t connect you won’t build trust.

Without trust you are only creating more distance between what you want to impact, the life you really want to have and how you can create change in the world.

You were born to lead your legacy, to define what having it all is, in a world that is now asking you to look beyond your own survival and lead movements that make impact.

It comes down to 2 things:

1) Why are you here?

2) What do you want?

Women do not need to be sedated, more masculine, more educated, more of a bitch, more spiritual, more of a commodity, more loud, more quiet, more worthy of (fill in the blank here).

Women, it’s time to build a world that supports the legacy you want to create; one in where you thrive in all areas of your life, stretch into your highest level of impact and you rise from the foundation of love.

Your Whole Self, when integrated and aligned, shows up when you most need to lead, when you are being called to step up, to get shit done (intentional + aligned action). And at some point that part of you was rejected by the world.

The part of you that feels no longer ok with the way things are.
The part of you that has been pretending to be ok.
The part of you that has been settling.
The part of you that drives harder, performs, and accelerates more when the stakes are high or shit hits the fan.

When everyone else disappears, doubts and questions whether it can be done, you even doubt it yourself you say to yourself “I’ve got this” “ I’ll show them”  “I will handle it.”

Call this part of you into expansion into the creation of your future.

This isn’t a quick seminar, or a conference, blueprint, or an online marketing program.

This is a way of living and leading in the world.

The only thing on the line here is your life.

It’s time to set it free.



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