Stop Getting Ready. Start Now.

Lately many of my clients and even dear friends have called asking me “how” questions:

“How do I create what I want?”

“How do I know if it’s the right time?”

“How do I know if it’s the right idea?”

“How do I know if it will work?”

Hearing all these questions, I have been reminded time and again of something a peer of mine once told me: “The answer to ‘how’ is ‘YES’”.

The first time I heard this, my head spun around a few times attempting to make sense of it. After many learning experiences, what I came to realize is that the ‘how’ didn’t really matter in that very moment of inquiry.

What was essential was the answer to another question: “Is this what I want? This goal, this vision, this desire, this mission?” If the answer is ‘YES’ then the ‘how’ will come together each time you step forward towards that purpose.

Here is the flip side: if you resist your desire, drive and commitment to pursuing your vision with passion, the ‘how’ gets more and more grey, confusing and at times, outright demobilizing.

Can you imagine how different it would feel if you could trust that where you are in this moment, in this exact place, is right where you need to be?

Fear, doubt, and impatience can take a toll on many creative women entrepreneurs, especially when you are driven by a purpose so strong you feel it's your mission to bring that vision to life.

We’re so afraid of not doing something right. We are afraid of being judged. We are afraid of failing. We often feel strapped financially because we’re so busy pushing and doing every business task on our list that we forget to take a moment to practice mindfulness and wealth consciousness and to start living as if we have already reached our personal and financial goals.

Before I really started earning money with my very first business, I actually had to take a step back and stop pushing so hard. It's called slowing down to speed up. I had to start acting like the high-level business owner and leader who earns her desired income, who serves powerfully, who creates change, who builds relationships with ease and impacts the world.

I had to slow down and ask myself: What was her day like? Who did she build relationships with in her community? How did she take care of herself? What did she wear? What was her office space like? Who did she surround herself with?

Here’s the BOTTOM LINE: start BEING IT NOW, so you can STOP GETTING READY — and your life will begin to change.

You don’t have to do all of this at once, but I AM asking you to create forward momentum.  Small steps create monumental shifts over time. Start bringing in the pieces NOW that will lead you to your desired lifestyle. And, start letting go of situations, relationships, clutter and experiences that don’t feel in alignment with the desired future that you are creating.

I can say from experience that it’s a lot easier to start this practice now by shifting your mindset; if you want different results in your life you have to start with you.

Check in with yourself and your desires and TRUST that you are on the right path. Ask yourself if you are a ‘YES’. Lives change through mindset and commitment, not brute force.

You Are Meant For A Greater Purpose.

What’s one step you can take towards your purpose today?

Much love,

Sarah xo

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