The Secret To The Freedom You Desire

People often ask me:

'How do you do it all?

You are a mom, you run a full-time and growing business, you volunteer as a mentor for a non-profit, you go on vacations, your husband runs a business, you make time for yourself and you are so focused on providing a great experience to your clients and community.

"I often don’t even have time to get my hair washed let alone anything for my business done!"

My response is always "It’s a matter of having structures that support you, building the right kind of business (so having the right business model) and being clear on your priorities."

The reality is I have already lived through burnout, exhaustion, and struggle. I made a choice a few years ago that I am no longer available to live that way. I now have boundaries and clear priorities. I have clarity around how I want to live my life. I know what I am available for and what I am not.

I believe that as entrepreneurs, how we serve and the purpose we fulfill can benefit the world and, ultimately, fuel our desired lifestyle.

At the end of the day, if you are not leading as a whole person, fulfilled, healthy, strong, clear, confident and listening to your desires, you will not be 100% available to serve your clients with your whole heart.

So, HOW do you do this, you ask?

The answer is structures; structures breed creativity and freedom.

When you put structures in place, you are able to soar.

You know, making money is really not that complicated. And, it doesn’t need to take up all of your time.

When I started my first coaching business I had a full-time corporate job where I worked a minimum of 50 hours per week and more like 70 hours most. I could only see clients, chat with potential clients and do business administration in the early mornings, late evenings and on the weekends. While it didn’t stop me, it just created constraints around when I was available. I only had a limited amount of time to engage and to build my business; all in all it was about 5 to 10 hours per week that I could commit and my business still grew.

I was focused. I knew exactly what that time was for, no shiny gold objects, no excuses. I made myself available during those hours for those activities only. When you only have a few hours to commit towards reaching your goal, you can get real focused real fast - if it’s a priority!

During this time I also scheduled in self-care so I had optimal health. I knew when I was scheduled to get the best quality groceries for the week, when I had time for my morning yoga practice and when I was scheduled to work with my own coach and mentors (so I continued to invest in and prioritize my own personal growth and development).




(Yes, even free time to play on the weekends)

Why did this work? And why does it still work?

4 Reasons Why Creating Structure Wins Every Time:

  • It’s a check in: my calendar is a reflection of my values and priorities.
  • It’s a reminder: I have boundaries. I know when I am available for certain activities and when I am not.
  • It’s a source of change: I regularly assess my results. If I don’t like what I am experiencing, I take ownership and ask myself what can I start, stop or continue that would support the result I do want?
  • It connects me to my goals: I align with my husband on our vision and goals for our life regularly and often. This requires constant communication so I know what we are doing and why (and how to course correct when needed!).

My question to you:

What if it is actually required of you to work less, have more time for fun and self-care in order to have the results you want?

Let me answer the question that started this thought: How do I do it all?

I have the right business model.

I have a very clear schedule.

I have a structure that helps me protect my time and energy and I know my priorities.

My first priority is ME and my family.

I make sure that I am taken care of financially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’ve learned this, and I am still learning it. It’s a practice. It’s a muscle you can train.

This is what I love so much about business building; it grows you as a person.

So today I am inviting you to get out your schedule and make yourself a priority.

Schedule yourself strategically. Create time for your priorities, and stick to it.

I promise your business growth will reflect this simple change back to you in more abundance, fulfillment, and clients.

Have a great week!

Lots of love,

Sarah xo

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