Escape Overwhelm Once And For All

Do you wake up feeling overwhelmed? Are you worried that even if you DO get everything done, you still won’t have the kind of freedom that you began your business for in the first place?

Last week, my old friend OVERWHELM came for a visit. He snuck in. Even though I have done years of leadership work, years of personal development, years of mindset training….there he was sitting on my shoulder Wednesday morning.

There is no mistaking that guy for someone else :(

After a frenzied morning of business administration, I began prepping for my summer photoshoot that was T-minus 48 hours away. I could hear myself questioning every decision, every action, every move - and I realized I was in a classic spin of overwhelm.

Luckily, I have set up some major boundaries with myself. At this point, I’m pretty good at noticing when overwhelm is happening in the moment.  And, I’ve practiced making a new choice in these moments; a choice that moves me towards what I really want – what I desire to create for my business and my life.

Many years ago after a health crisis and a major awakening, I made a commitment to be unavailable for overwhelm and burnout.

I remind myself of this all the time. "I am no longer availble for overwhelm and burnout." It's a declaration I say out loud AND to myself over and over again. In many ways, it's the foundation that fuels my freedom.

There are days when I feel like I’m so busy that I don’t have time to slow down. It’s what I do on those days that really matters.

On Wednesday when I recognized overwhelm was making a mid-week visit, I recommitted to my health, to my life and to my intentions. I reminded myself of my commitment and, after 4 hours of calls, I took the rest of the day off to go to the spa, to visit with a dear friend of 13 years and to have my nails done for my photoshoot. I got really present and still. Ultimately, I listened to what my body needed. I’d had a big week the week before and I needed to decompress. And, I knew I had another big week ahead of me.

The result was I felt present, connected, blessed, creative, fueled, expressed and full of gratitude during my photoshoot with my team. If I hadn’t stopped mid-week to listen, overwhelm would have been the energy and context I created from. Instead I made a different choice. I chose to listen to what was needed.

As successful women entrepreneurs and leaders, we've got to make a choice to be unavailable for overwhelm and burnout.

This doesn’t mean overwhelm won’t ever visit - it means you don't let it stick around.


Listening to your needs and desires and allowing them to drive inspired action will keep you out of overwhelm. AND, you’ve really got to make the CHOICE to step out of it or it will take you out of the game, like it does so often for many.

Trust me, it’s an epidemic among us in this industry.


You started a business for the freedom it creates and the difference you can make in the world.

What do you need to practice TODAY and every day to become masterful with your time and unavailable for overwhelm?

What do you need to commit to each day to create a reality where there’s time for YOU, the people you love, and the life you set out to live?


To living life on your terms!

Much love,

Sarah xo

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