Is Becoming Visible Making You Want to Hide Under Your Desk?


I’m going to serve it straight: in order for you to do your best work in the world – the world has to know you exist.


Does this mean you should:

  • sell your soul to the aspects of the business world that compromise all your core values?
  • create how everyone else is creating because it seems like they have figured it least according to their web presence?
  • settle and have a lame online presence that isn’t really a reflection of you, but more what you think you should do?


  • hide, and procrastinate that photoshoot, that blog of yours, the videos you have been meaning to create thinking they will come later when you are “ready”? Because soon you will have something smarter to say, you will have more experience, you will be enough then and will be in your flow.

The answer to all of this is NO. A big, loud, resounding NO.

However, there is one thing you do need to do.


I went to a business conference not long ago and David Neagle was a speaker at the event. I learned a lot of business strategy and tactics to be successful, but there was one thing that David shared that was infinitely more important for me than all the businesses strategies combined. And it is for you too.

You can create anything you want in your life but you will have to change your life to do it

When I heard David say this, I already had a successful business on paper. My life was good.  I was generating a solid income that many yearn for. I had rebuilt my life to travel when I wanted to and to honor my value of freedom, to be a creative entrepreneur, to be a healthy mother present for my son. And yet, something hit me in that moment.

I was not fully sharing the passion I felt in my daily life through my work channels because I was holding back. I hadn’t shared myself completely because naturally I am more of an introvert. The internet wasn’t really my thing. I am not a showboat, I’m not someone who set out to build a personal brand with my face all over the place. I set out on a mission; to create change, to shift lives.

I also realized while listening to David that it’s not about me. My story is a universal story. Yes, it’s mine, but it’s also not about me.

I speak to women every day that connect with me and say my story or some aspect of my journey has been the catalyst for them to take the leap, to create change and to start a conversation that matters in the world.

I serve you by being me. You are meant for a greater purpose. Imagine when you step into being 100% you for the world what you will be a catalyst for?

Here is what I stand for:

  • I stand for women creating “it all” – whatever “it all” means for them.
  • I stand for having a voice, speaking up, sharing your truth, being courageous and being vulnerable.
  • I am only interested in real and powerful conversations.
  • I want to have game changing conversations and communities that actually change lives.
  • AND YES I want to thrive financially and create my desired lifestyle SO THAT I can contribute to the world 10x beyond my own survival.
  • SoulPowered isn’t about me. It’s about you. It’s about giving other women the opportunity to do what they do best: to live free, empowered and whole; to live in alignment with their values and priorities and be unapologetically themselves.
  • I believe women leaders will create the movements that will change the world.
  • I believe the world will change for the better when we have gender equality.

And for that I will be the catalyst any day.

Sign me up for photoshoots, social media posts that matter, blogging, training calls, marketing and business development. WHY? Because it creates more opportunity for YOU, and for thousands of other women around the world.

When we step into living empowered lives, and make choices from a place that actually matters, things like visibility become self-expression, fun, creativity, freedom, innovation, art and an opportunity to hone our craft.

So when asked frequently "How do you have the confidence to be so visible?"

I say, I didn’t always have the confidence, and sometimes I still don’t. I used to be scared. I didn’t want to come out from under my desk. I was afraid of being judged, questioned, and not enough...just like everyone else. Sometimes I still am.

And then I remember WHY I am here and what I am meant for and it becomes easy.

My question to you is WHY are you here and WHAT are you meant for?

Think of all the people you’re taking a stand for by putting yourself out there.

Think of the difference you will make by being seen and heard.

Commit to your greater purpose – the world is ready for you.

To your success,

Sarah xo

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