The Truth About Being A Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur

About a week ago I was interviewed by a peer of mine in the coaching industry.  I have done several interviews in the last 6 months, but this one left me thinking.

During the interview I was asked to share openly about my story from the time I opened my first business, to climbing the ladder of my corporate career, to the details of my health crisis and my eventual “wake-up call.”

There were a couple themes that I heard myself share that I also hear from the SoulPowered community of women entrepreneurs over and over again:

Taking the unconventional path. I have always done things my way. I started my first business at 20 years old because I had a vision and I knew I was meant for something big; because I knew working for someone else wasn’t the answer. I move against the grain. I often voice the unpopular statement.  Sometimes I ruffle feathers. When I see everyone moving in one direction, it is often a sign for me to go in the opposite direction. I smell opportunity. I get curious about what’s possible.

Being unapologetically me. This is my non-negotiable. I need to be a full expression of myself, my values, my craft, my desires, and my life in order to serve my purpose. This has been a journey, and I will admit there were times in my life when I felt this compromised and I had to learn how to get “me” back, and then step into being ME and ALL of me. And, I practice this daily!

I hear these two things from you frequently and often. I have been listening.  The majority speaks about this. We know what we need to do, yet...

Who is actually doing it?

The reality is very few have declared loud and proud “I am me!” to the world unapologetically. Even fewer have work/life integration; living their dream life and honoring their desires.

Let me give you two examples:

1. When my husband was getting his PHD he didn’t want to work all night and through the weekends for seven years straight, so he didn’t. BUT he hid this from his academic world, his peers, his mentor – because everyone else worked all hours of the week to achieve their goals and perform. He felt so much guilt he didn’t want anyone to know.  So he made a choice for his life, but lived with guilt.

2. Recently we hired a landscaper to redesign our back yard and create a beautiful outdoor space for our family to enjoy.  We suggested reviewing the design on a Sunday.  He replied that he was entertaining a group of friends at his house with an Italian meal, wine, and that Sunday wasn’t his choice for working.  We paused for a moment questioning whether this was professional – then we caught ourselves. This man, this entrepreneur has chosen his lifestyle, his boundaries, and we ourselves wanted our Sunday just as a family!  We share the same value of freedom.

Navigating business or life your own way, being YOU unapologetically, you will face the pressures of the world. You have to make powerful choices to do things differently – it requires discipline and commitment daily. It is messy sometimes.

So many women entrepreneurs are stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed. They might even be teaching, coaching, mentoring, consulting on how to remove these blocks for their very own clients; yet they continue to experience these blocks for themselves.

If anything about what I am sharing speaks to you, I invite you to join a community of women leaders that are committed to leading differently.

These women are creating, building, learning, growing, investing in themselves and building legacies — just like you.

These women have a vision. They are driven to achieve and to make a difference. They crave finding the intersection of ease and effort. Business + Leadership. They love and honor their lives. They put self-care + building their ideal lifestyle as a priority so that they can serve others and the world as a whole person…energized, integrated and fulfilled.

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To growing together,

Sarah xo

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