Are you missing this counter-intuitive key to elevating your game?

I am going to be 100% transparent with you because I am committed to leading with integrity, trust and transparency.

Here’s what’s real: May was a month packed full of leadership lessons and reminders. What I sense is that they may be helpful for you to hear and reflect on, too.

May was one of those months of growth; where it was time to design, to deepen, to hunker down and get ready for the next launch. In my mind I had it all “planned out.” I knew exactly how it would look, how I wanted it to feel and the result I would create.

WAKE-UP CALL: the universe had a different plan.

The more I forced my plan to work the more resistance emerged. The more I pushed into my ideas, the more blocks I experienced. The more I needed to do or get something done...the more it didn’t happen. The more I tried to move, the more stuck I became.

Sound familiar?

I realized there was one key in order to become available for my creativity to flow; to get access to my greatest level of innovation yet and create space for all areas of my life to thrive.  I had to return to my own practice as a leader.

I had to do less to create more.

Here are the top 3 leadership learnings I want to share with you this week:

1. What got you to your current level of success is not what will take you to your next level of success.

When I started this particular business I had several goals in mind such as making more impact, giving back, doing what I love, building my dream life, having more time, money and freedom.

I didn’t expect that my entrepreneurial journey would bring another kind of deepening; that every month that passed I would experience knowing myself and my desires even more deeply.

Honoring your sense of self-expression, your desires and who you are is key. What is even more important is bringing it all to the table: being all of you and holding nothing back. This should be expressed not only in your brand, your offerings, how you do business, but also how you live and how you choose to spend your life.

Ask yourself: are you holding back in any area of your business or life?

2. Transformation is a long-game.

There are a lot of promises in our world about overnight success. Here is the truth: you can create anything you want and you can create significant changes quickly. What I want to point you to is the long-game and what is really required.

To be successful now and to continue for the long-term you must do the inner work; the work of becoming a leader. It’s not enough to master the to-dos, the systems and the structures.  

You have to master your mindset. You have to practice being mindful. You have to practice consistent self-care. You have to establish your values and operate from them. You have to learn to lead in all areas of your life so that are practicing what you preach.

It provides you with the fuel and the foundation to launch into your next level of success.  When your life works, your work works.

3. Create space to create.

There is no forcing magic to happen. When you want to access your deepest creativity, you have to create space for it to occur. Whether that’s sitting under a palm tree in silence for four hours per day or creating a Fridays-off schedule for white space to create, you are the leader.  You are the one who is going to make it happen or fall into the trap of attempting to “grind it out.”

Inspired work, programs and products do not come from the grind - they come from making yourself available for creativity to flow.

It’s a new month.

It’s a new season.

It’s prime time to create space.

What do you need to create space for?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear what you are working on.

Much Love,

Sarah xo

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