Hope is not a strategy.

Have you ever found yourself using “I hope” as the foundation for your business success?

It sounds like this:

“I hope she buys my program”

“I hope she signs the contract”

“I hope I get introduced to that big deal contact”

“I hope I get published in that publication”

“I hope she notices how talented I am and how much I have to offer”

“I hope it works out”

“I hope I make it to yoga tonight”

“I hope this weekend I finally get a break”

“I hope I can take that vacation soon”

“I hope next week things slow down so I can breathe”

Hope may not be strategic, but I’m not here to criticize your hope or be cynical about it. Actually, just the opposite.

I want to flip it on its head and show you how you can become friends with hope and simultaneously become the strategic powerhouse leader that you are born to be...and launch into your next level of success.

Here is your recipe for becoming a strategic powerhouse:
Instructions: PEN + PAPER REQUIRED

Step 1. Acknowledge your hope.

Underneath the hope, what is it you truly desire? In your business?  In your health?  In your life? Don’t be shy! Be honest and allow yourself to want it!!  Let your stream of consciousness flow, write it all down!            

Step  2. Acknowledge your purpose.

  • Connect with your Deeper Why for yourself and the world.
  • Define your unique genius, strengths, gifts - those things only you bring to the world that if you weren’t here would be missing.
  • Write both of these down.

Step 3. Create a vision for where you want to be.

Powerhouse strategy comes when your desires and your purpose are aligned with a big picture VISION for the future.

If you are new to writing a vision:

  • Think about the year ahead and start with writing about what your ideal year looks like.
  • Write freely and openly about all areas of your life including your business, health and your personal life.
  • Use your desires and your purpose to guide you. DON’T HOLD BACK - this is your time to play big.

Your 1 year vision is the foundation for a powerhouse strategic plan to catapult you to your best year yet; a year that reflects your priorities, values and your goals—not just financially—but in all areas of your life.

I would love to hear the vision you are creating for your business + life –  share what you're up to in the comments below!

Above all know this:

No matter how noisy the world becomes, you have the power to create an impact and build your desired life.



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