I’m burned out….


It’s practically become an epidemic in our culture.

Millions have bought into the story that in order to run a successful business, have a great career, reach your financial goals, have complete freedom and live a life you love that you must work yourself into the ground.

I’m no stranger to this life; it was my story.

I did climb the corporate ladder to success, land my dream jobs and reach my financial goals, only to find I wasn’t living my vision for my dream life - I actually was far from it. The harder I worked, the more I bought into this story and the worse my situation became. I was further and further away from my definition of success.

You can create anything you want. You can live life on your terms. You can build a thriving business on your own schedule during your productive hours with your dream team. Is it work? Of course.

But the difference is you learn to work smart, not just hard.  

You learn to focus on your genius as well as others’ genius - and together how you can collectively soar to better results. Through this, you create the life and business you want.

Long hours don’t lead to burnout if you are doing work that invigorates you and lights you up. It may tire you out and you may need to schedule time to reset and rejuvenate, but it is not a road to ultimate burnout.

If you are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, exhausted, and facing burnout, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions about how you are spending your time!

Here are 4 essential steps to thrive as an entrepreneur:

  1. Start spending more of your time focusing on your unique gifts, talents, strengths—your true genius—and less time wearing a million hats, playing 10 different roles, doing activities that you are a ‘HELL NO’ for!
  2. Start working during your most productive hours. What time of the day do you have the most energy? Morning, afternoon or evening?  Schedule your most important and urgent activities during your peak working times – this will actually give you more energy naturally!
  3. Schedule power breaks: work for a solid 50 minutes, then take a 10-minute break. I call this the Power-10. For 10 minutes take a walk, meditate, eat a healthy snack or roll out your yoga mat. Let your body and brain have a reset and then REPEAT.
  4. Delegate, outsource, delegate, outsource. Where do you need to ask for some support? Who on your team can you go to? Who do you need to hire?

Let’s hear your best practices on how you keep yourself thriving in the comments below - and put these into practice this week!


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