I have to tell you the truth

I have to tell you the truth because I promised myself I always would.

You see, I started SoulPowered to build a legacy. And, the real deal is that it’s not just about my journey and my legacy...it’s about yours.  

This past week has been one of the most fulfilling weeks in my business this year and simultaneously, one of the most eye-opening.

I’m in the middle of prepping a big launch with my team for a new SoulPowered program. There is buzz in the air; creativity, possibility, growth and transformation are upon us.

We are moving fast, taking inspired action and we are about to reach a major milestone, supporting many women as they take quantum leaps in their lives and businesses.

Women empowering women; this is what we live and breathe for.

Now here is the flip side.

I spoke to countless women in the last week who questioned doing or being enough DESPITE going/running/operating at full speed, giving it their all, and doing everything they have been shown to do to be successful.

These countless conversations about ‘being enough’ have me fired up. As your friend, as a leader, as your coach + mentor and most of all as a human being I have made a commitment to tell you the truth and hold nothing back.

Regardless if you’ve heard this before, know it in your heart or are already living what I am about to tell you, here it is:

You are a powerful woman. You are confident and passionate. You are successful by all accounts.

You are a high-performer. You are driven to make a difference, and when you raise your hand for something are asking yourself “How can I contribute?”

You achieve at the highest levels. You have a track record of success.

You aren’t afraid of risk (even when, let’s be honest, it’s scary sometimes.) You jump into risk anyways because you know with risk comes great reward.

My commitment is to bring all of me—every ounce of my possibility, capability, confidence and ‘enough-ness’—to the table.

And I am asking you to do the same.


Because I see you, I hear you, and I know you. And because I’m like you.

You have a HUGE purpose in this world, and there is only one unique you. It’s your job to fulfill that incredible purpose and your potential is beyond what you see it to be.

You live a big life, you set big goals and you crave to be surrounded by people, places, community and resources that lift you up, energize you, support you in reaching those goals and fuel your deepest desires in life.

You are powerful beyond measure. You aren’t like everyone else. You don’t settle. You know your time is now.

I want you to consider if you feel you haven’t been giving, being or doing “enough” lately, last week or last month….what really needs to change?

Our journey as women entrepreneurs requires us to do the work, and my inquiry for you today is this:

How can you lead your work in a way that would bring more light, energy and joy; what would light you up the most?

What do you need to let go of that’s no longer serving you?

What do you want to start being or doing more of now?

What are you waiting for?

There are no rules. The only rules you have created are self-imposed. Step up and be the CEO of your business; start living the life you want to experience now.

You are worth it.  
Your freedom is worth it.
Your family is worth it.
Your health is worth it.
Your impact is worth it.
Your life is worth it.




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