How To Change Your Life In A Weekend

The long and short of it: surround yourself with extraordinary people who have BIG visions and lead bold lives.

I just got back from an absolutely extraordinary weekend with the leaders below at a stunning resort celebrating the future of one of the most powerful women in my life - period.

What's the significance? Let me tell you.

This group of human beings are some of the most powerful, committed, driven, compassionate, fun, brilliant group of human beings I know.

They also happen to be one of the first teams I had the opportunity to build, lead and learn from. They have now built empires. They have grown billion dollar businesses.

But most of all, they have changed thousands of peoples’ lives.

They are difference makers because they are not just in the business of making money, or giving people information to execute: they are in the business of transformation.

And they live big, bold lives for themselves and each other. And I'm grateful to call them my family.

The weekend—in its celebratory and family love-fest state—was a reminder to me:


Where people you hire, nurture, develop and empower continue that work forward, share that work and purpose with the world, and create a real, tangible impact on those around them. That’s the real impact of leadership.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. I'm moving into the 15th year of my partnership with my soulmate...AND I am launching a program that is extraordinary and is for  


WHY am I sharing this with you, and what do a weekend of big and inspired life talk, my anniversary and a program launch have in common?

Well, in my community, within my marriage, and in my business + life goals, I know that the best has yet to come.

We have a big future ahead...and so do YOU.

YOU have a big future ahead.

YOUR best years yet are lying just ahead of you.

Ask yourself: what could be possible for you if you decided to not only believe this, but to CHOOSE it for yourself NOW, and start taking inspired action towards living in alignment with your biggest vision?


PS.  If you are ready to take action and take your quantum leap, start now. Click here


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