Stop The Mental Chatter Once And For All

How do you stop the mental chatter and comparison and just START?

This question was asked yesterday in my Facebook Group Lead with Soul.

Let me clarify: you are not alone in this feeling and these thoughts. Every woman entrepreneur goes through the mental cycle of:

“There's only so many times one can check IG, Facebook, the internet, etc. to realize there are so many amazing products/services/programs/experts out there.”

And then let themselves dive into the never-ending questions that follow:

  • What do I have to offer?
  • Is my next idea right?
  • Will my product launch work?
  • Do my customers/clients even want this?
  • Is anyone listening/reading/paying attention???

And it can be totally say the least!

Here is my advice, because I was asked for it.  And I’m asked for it at least once per week.

Here’s what I share every time I’m asked this question (which happens more than a couple times a week). I’ll serve it straight in service of you and knowing you are ready to hear it:


Comparison kills. period.

As women, we need to be in community, not in comparison. The reality is there are tons of services and products on the market, in every niche.

AND THAT IS OK. It’s GREAT, actually.

What YOU bring to the world with your unique gifts, strengths, talents and perspective will only be brought by YOU. So, the world will experience it one way: your way. But they’ll only get it if you bring it...or they won’t.

I know that’s a bit of tough love; it's a bit of a ‘suck it up and bring it’. Yeah, you heard it.  

When I experience doubt, fear, worry, the pesky ‘I'm not enough’ voice, or when I feel the ‘I’m moving through quicksand’ kind of resistance, I remember WHY I'm doing this.

I connect to WHAT my vision is: what IMPACT I desire to make, what LIFESTYLE I want for my family, what WORLD I care to create for my son to live in.


Hard days will come. And, in those moments give yourself the self-care, the forgiveness and the understanding that you are HUMAN. BELIEVE that you can create anything you want...then ask yourself if are you willing to?!

You all know I'm not talking about compromising yourself, your health or your values, but just the opposite. How do you create while honoring yourself, your health and your values, and take inspired action?

The universe loves momentum. Forward action creates clarity and clarity creates confidence. Keep moving forward - even if you are taking baby steps!


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