Honouring Grandma El's Legacy + Life

Last week I experienced life as real and as raw as it gets: my Grandmother El passed away.

My dad always told me “You haven’t fully experienced life until you have experienced a human being passing away, and the birth of a baby into the world.”

Having experienced both of these events on several occasions over the last couple of decades, I can say for sure that life became a full-on experience this past week.

And yet last week was a reminder of how rich life really is.

Last week hit home and hit deeply, impacting me on many levels.

Although we grieved as a family and continue to, I am present to being part of something so much bigger than just this moment.

I am present to and reminded of the power of legacy.

I’ve been washed over with such pride around the legacy of not only my grandmother, but my entire family. And, I realized my own story and journey has come from them. I am them. And they are a part of me.

When I was a kid all I knew was family businesses.  

My dad had a thriving business. Both sets of grandparents had businesses. All my dad’s uncles owned and operated successful businesses. And through the years, my mom had multiple businesses or supported the family business. I was fully surrounded by entrepreneurship; all my immediate or extended family members supported or worked in the family business(es).  

My family is a group of serial entrepreneurs; it’s in our bones, in our DNA:

It’s how we think.

It’s how we operate.

It’s in the air we breathe.

In my mind this is how the world worked, plain and simple. It really wasn’t more complex than that.

Naturally, the first thing I did while still in University was think about how would I start my first business. Even from the age of 20, I never desired to work for anyone else. It wasn’t the norm in my world, and wasn’t what I saw for my future.

What I see now is that none of this was about living loudly; it was simply about living authentically to who we were and how we are wired. It was—and still is—about honoring our strengths, our unique gifts, and abilities. We as a tribe have what it takes to be entrepreneurs in the world.

I’m proud to carry forward my family legacy, and to be creating my own unique legacy.

I’m proud to be living life by my own design so that I can be the most committed wife, mother, sister and daughter I can be. Family is a #1 core value for me: I refuse to miss time with any of them, I refuse to be unavailable and I refuse to have my health on the line - for them.

I’m proud to be doing work in the world that supports women leaders running purposeful businesses that create lasting and impactful change in the world, while living lives that light them up, creating financial freedom, and that is in alignment with their soul.  

I’m proud to be able to give back, to be able to lead a team, to be able to create art, to be able to design, to be able to have a clear vision, to be able to create a strategy, to have freedom...and to be able to be the CEO of my business and my life, and develop the next generation of women leaders who are thriving in all areas of business and life.

The time is now. This isn’t our practice life. The curtain is up, and we are on.

You are here in this community for a reason, and I know you are committed to greatness. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t.

What legacy are you creating?

Share with me in the comments below. I want to hear from you.


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