The Secret To New Year's Goals Sticking

I want to let you in on why the bridge between ending one year and starting the next is so significant.

While the obvious reasons rise to the surface—it’s a new opportunity, a new year, a clean slate, etc.—the sensation of a fresh start is secondary to the importance of the opportunity to declare boldly what you WILL CREATE and what you are COMMITTED TO.

Without clearly defined commitments, your goals and even your vision can fall flat; you may not have the clarity you need to sustain the goal or follow through with it. In other words, it might not be authentic or written from your BEST SELF - it might just sound good. OR it’s possible you can get caught up in “I think I should’s” or “I have to’s” and set goals from that context (which isn’t your most powerful place!).

What I’ve learned over the last 20 years is when I waiver in my business, my self-care, in any relationship, or my discipline in following my strategy, there’s one thing I come back to: What am I committed to?

Commitment, by definition, says it all:

: a promise to do or give something

: a promise to be loyal to someone or something

: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

I want you to notice something about commitment: it's not just about DOING - it's also about BEING.

Typically we race off into the new year with our massive list, our strategic plan for the quarter, or our goals to power through. BUT, we don’t always consider WHO we need to be—the woman, the leader, the partner, the daughter, the friend, the mother—in order to bring our strategy to life, to execute our strategic plan, to achieve the results we’re after, or to create what we really want.

Here’s an example: my next 90 days consists of the following:

Enrolling incredible women into a High Level Mastermind for High Performing Purpose-Driven Women Entrepreneurs ready to grow, scale, and impact the world with their highest level of work while they live an extraordinary life. It’s one tight community of deep collaboration, women empowering other women, an intensive luxury retreat - and lots of surprises!

Serving a small select group of 1x1 clients in my new VIP 1x1 offerings (only a couple spots left!)

          Serving a select group of executives at Fortune 100 & 500 companies

Leading 60 Days to SoulPowered, my 8 week Group Program for High Performing Women Entrepreneurs to build a leadership-powered business and life

Giving back to my non-profit partners in East Africa through mentoring and continued program development

Time for my health, family, meditation, travel, whitespace. Time off.

To achieve these goals, I need to be patient, I need to be trusting. I need to be personally responsible, I need to be in integrity. I need to be generous, accountable and consistent. I need to communicate and listen with intention. I need to be loving. I need to be present.

I’m committed to delivering my highest level of contribution while being present, at ease and living abundantly.

I invite you to create your commitments, your to-do list AND your to-be list. AND share it in the comments below; I’d love to hear what you are committed to for 2016.

I know you are here because you are a stand for greatness, both for yourself and in others.

Let this be an invitation to you to not just grind out your plan as a high performer for the days and months ahead, but to do the deeper work required to sustain you and create the change and the movement you are meant to lead.

Much Love,

Sarah xo

PS: if you feel compelled, please come share your commitment inside the larger community, we are here to support you having your best year yet.

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