It's Time to Go Home

I had never heard the words so clearly….“IT’S TIME TO GO HOME”

It was February, 2013. I was sitting in morning meditation in the jungle-like rainforest of the retreat centre on the big island of Hawaii where I had been for days during torrential monsoon-like tropical rainstorms; wading through deep mud, water, and 100% humidity in an attempt to find transformation and a little Hawaiian sunshine.

I was at my third yoga teacher training certification in a decade, not really sure why I was there other than knowing, without a doubt, I needed to be there. I was pretty sure I would never teach yoga asana again from the front of the room, nor open another yoga studio (although it did cross my mind while in the rainforest - not gonna lie!)

More importantly, I went during a time when—on paper—my life looked “all good”. I had a celebrated corporate career where, one could say, I was reaching the peak of opportunity and global impact. I had a part-time coaching business on the side. I had a baby boy at home who was more than I could have ever imagined in my dreams of motherhood.

And yet my health was a mess, my values were being compromised, my husband had a huge career opportunity on the table back in the U.S. that we desperately needed to make a decision about, and I was spending very limited time with my family. I had moved away from my home to put my career first (thinking all the rest of my life would sort itself out along the way). And, to top it off, there was a movement in my body to lead in the world that was beyond what I could articulate at the time….but I could feel it and it grew louder and louder.

SO there I sat in meditation, in the middle of the rainforest, after endless sun salutations on my yoga mat and the resulting (painfully) sore body. I had chosen to completely let go and surrender to the resistance, the unanswered questions, the “I don’t know how’s”, ‘shoulds’, “I don’t have the answers”, the “what will everyone think of me”, and to being in the state of feeling totally paralyzed and immobile.

I kept surrendering, and surrendering to it all again and emptying my mind. I found lots of silence - and IN that silence chose to listen to the waves of who-knows-what kind of nature beyond the walls of our practice space. Then finally, I heard the words…


With very limited cellular service I was able to send a short text home that night to my husband.

All I wrote was “I’m going to be a better wife + mother”.
Then the service went dead. That’s all he needed to know.

I knew what I needed to know from that moment forward; that it was time to start leading my life with alignment again. And, to listen to the courage to move forward with the elevated vision inside of me.

There is nothing more powerful than consciously making the shift to align your ability to stretch into your next level of impact as a leader with what you are truly here for, what really matters at the end of the day, and to honor who you are as you evolve.

Your ability to take the next step requires support and the right community (did I mention in my meditation I was sitting among 150 like-minded yogis committed to changing the world?). AND a whole lot of courage, clarity and confidence to unleash your leadership and impact on the world, and lead your legacy.

It’s time to take that step and make that commitment, and be surrounded with the support, community, motivation, contribution and insight from brilliant women leaders like you, and others that are creatively leading the new way forward.

It's time to lead your legacy.

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