Become A CEO of Impact and Influence

I’m headed to The Big Apple this week for a couple events. I will be spending some time with  peers that are some of the most aligned and integrated humans I know who are running very successful 7-figure businesses.

Now, I will say this: ‘aligned and integrated’ is all relative. Your take on ‘aligned and integrated’ is different from theirs and is different from mine. Likewise, your company values are different from theirs and mine. We’re all unique and different - that’s the beauty of it.

What I think is more interesting than just the numbers is how these leaders have chosen to step up, have the courage to get out of their own way and say “Yes!” to the greatest course in personal development:being a CEO of impact and influence.

A CEO that runs a triple bottom line company; that stands for people, purpose + profit.

There is a lot of talk right now about what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur and in business.

I will raise that and say the talk is also about what it takes to create and lead an extraordinary life wherein through our purpose in business and in the world, we are able to improve lives and inspire change in the world.

To create significance, success and build the legacy you are meant for in business and in life, the triple bottom line of people, purpose + profit is your essential foundation.  

Here are just 10 of my favorite impacts that CEOs of influence + impact do and practice daily:

1. The CEO ensures everyone (including herself!) operates in their zone of genius (not everybody needs to be the quarterback....everybody needs to be playing to their strengths to win and create greatness)

2. Communication is key to create results. I'm especially talking about the non-verbal kind! 95% of the most essential communication is non-verbal. Nothing is more effective than listening for what's needed + wanted and then delivering it. Pretty soon your team will be delivering it before they (your peeps) even know they need it.

3. If you want world-class results you also need to lead with generosity + vulnerability. People want to be seen, heard, understood, connected to and collaborated with. Once you have this, you will have an unstoppable force.

4. Badass teams feel like family, because at their core they are bonded by trust; they have each other’s backs.

5. They lead movements, they share values, a purpose, a vision and a mission. They don't just preach values, but they walk their talk; they take action, make decisions and choices based on the vision, mission and values. They leave it all on the field, the court, and the laptop :)

6. They honor each other’s visions and goals. They are committed to living their lives to the fullest, not compromising themselves, their health, their personal goals, values, boundaries, or aspirations. They take a stand for one another.

7. They take ownership for results. If it's not working, they course correct. They understand that it's all about staying the course, being in it for the long haul, shutting out the noise, focusing on what you do best, staying in your lane and getting better - in other words growing better over time. This isn't about smoke and mirrors, it's about real growth.

8. Doing less better. Great teams don't try and do everything or be everything to everyone. They focus on being the best at their collective genius, their top goals or initiatives and deleting everything else.

9. Creating extraordinary experiences for clients and customers. We don't need to change the world alone. In fact we have the opportunity to make a massive impact, improving lives and changing the world together when we have a powerful team; being high touch, doing the little things better, make every moment memorable for people.

10. Extraordinary teams rise at game times because it's always a calling to step up, for stretching to your edge, for creating something out of nothing, and for creating the possibility that nobody thought possible + that otherwise would not exist. (I'm an athlete at heart and yogi in body - we all need both sides: the drive for results and the mindfulness, the ease and the effort, the yin and the yang)

Entrepreneurs, leaders, world changers are here to do that. Every day is an opportunity to create something that otherwise would not exist.

You are here for a purpose. You are here for profit (or you wouldn’t be in business). And, you are here because you love people.

It’s your time to step into being a CEO of impact and influence.


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