Your Story Matters

This past week I traveled to NYC for an intimate private mastermind with Todd Herman and Selena Soo. And, while in the city, attended Selena Soo’s GKGC live event with 200 entrepreneurs from around the world.

I had the opportunity to meet more people who have a unique story and genius that are on a mission to impact lives and change the world. And, they had traveled from all over the world to be together to learn, grow and take themselves—and their businesses—to the next level.

The thing that struck me were the common themes I observed and heard that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

It’s amazing to me how people can be from such diverse backgrounds, countries, ages, and completely different life experiences, yet can be bonded by a common drive: bettering the world through entrepreneurship. Creating change for the good; for you, for me, for others.  

AND this change is created

by being yourself
by telling your story
by owning what you do and being courageous
by taking what you are already great at and turning up the volume so you can impact millions
by having a vision and committing yourself to it with determination
by being a great student
by being humble
by building deep and meaningful relationships
by taking personal responsibility
by investing in your personal + business development and growth
by going above and beyond
by letting others help you
by creating a business model that honors your genius  
by evolving
by living your life
by resting
by being interesting
by being focused
by not being afraid to start small
by declaring that one thing in the world you want to be known for
and by surrounding yourself with peers, mentors, advisors, coaches, consultants and support that can help you rise to be at your best and create the legacy you were born for.

Ironically,YOU hold the key to all of this; you get to decide. You have the choice.

Today is March 1st. We are 2 Months into 2016. What choice will you make today?



PS:  the leaders I met this past week in NYC have inspired me to reopen applications for the SoulPowered Legacy Mastermind - and we start first thing Thursday. If you want to join a group of leaders who are committed to everything I’ve shared with you today, and who are ready to surround you with the support you need to get there, now is the time:  Click here to apply.

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