Believe in Love

Yesterday was a mind blowing day.

Something was in the air. It was one of those days I had more inspiring, resourceful, generous conversations with women all over the country in one day than I could have imagined having in an entire month! And let me tell you - these were not all scheduled.

I am going to be 100% transparent with you.

Mondays are my creative days. I spend Mondays writing and working on content primarily, I spend time in my community, and time with my team. If I schedule any meetings on Mondays they’re meetings dedicated to those topics.  

I had a few meetings yesterday with major connectors and influencers in my community, some of whom I was meeting for the first time. Here is the thing I want you to get: these women were so on fire. They were so willing to not only receive support, but so willing to give it.

And not because it was easy for them to ask for support, but because it was necessary for their growth.  And these women are in the regular practice of creating in their lives, building relationships in their network, being 100% transparent, and taking daily action to move forward.

I also had numerous—I mean buckets and buckets—in-the-moment conversations with my online communities that blew my mind. Game changing conversations about breakthroughs, decision making, hiring team members, courage, challenges, wins, where it’s been tough, the honest truth about how being vulnerable can be downright hard sometimes, and then unbridled joy, new opportunities emerging, the pure support of women who support one another rising with no b.s., no competition, no pretense.

This, my friend, is what true leadership looks like. AND, bottom line, what it all boils down to is COMMUNITY.

When women leaders have community they have access to more tools, more resources, more support and more opportunities. We lift each other up. We rise together. We win together.

Find your tribe and commit to it. Grow it.

Sometimes women think they need to go at it all alone, or that they can’t find a community of women like themselves, as smart, as driven, as purposeful, as experienced in life or business….it’s not the truth.

If i had a penny for every time a massively talented and intelligent woman told me that she felt “like the smartest woman in the room and that she couldn’t find her people” or that she had “outgrown her circle”....I would be rich!

The truth is there are thousands of other brilliant women leaders right now in this moment thinking the exact same thoughts, feeling alone, wondering where you are.

I’m here to support you leading your legacy in life and business, while having a community that lifts you to your highest level of contribution.

Community is the love, support and belief you need.

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