The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business

Last week I went to Long Beach with a group of high level women entrepreneurs with the intention to grow our businesses and step into our highest level of work in the world.  It was a week full of ugly tears, belly laughs, a few fake eyelashes, and profound growth….the kind that you only experience every couple of years.


I returned home grateful and CHARGED.  


I’m ready, awake, poised and more present than ever to not only do work that matters in the most impactful way possible but to living the best life possible….


because if not now, when?  If not me and you, then who?


Here are a few key take-aways from my trip that are for you:


  1. The fastest way to grow a business is to keep it simple

  2. You save peoples’ lives  

  3. Serving everyone doesn't serve anyone.

  4. They need you (solution) more than you need them ($). If they say no that is their problem.

  5. Approach life as a social experiment...see what occurs

  6. We are meant to heal ourselves

  7. Systemize the system

  8. Fear is really only present in the 90 seconds before you "jump."

  9. In the event of someone saying "no" to you, say "yes" to yourself....

  10. Who are you not helping? The ones that are waiting for you.

  11. What is your intervention sentence: "How long do you want to keep trying to live this way?"

  12. You have a lifetime value for what you create and sell, and you are probably leaving a lot of that on the table; that means a lot of lives are not being impacted; including yours.


I don’t know about you but I’m done with this epidemic in our industry of over complicating business and over analyzing how to create results.


I guarantee you if you start to be laser focused on the human beings in front of you who need your help and you get out of your own way; pick up the phone, meet with people, and you have the courage to be intimate and vulnerable while simultaneously being fierce, bold and truthful with people; the power of these conversations will transform your business.  And your life.


Much Love,

Sarah xo

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