The one thing you want to make sure you do

You want to know how to think like a CEO, not burnout and still have a life you love?


I hear it all the time.  


And you deserve to know that it doesn't have to be so complicated.  


You can really work from anywhere.  You can really have success on your terms.


You can build, scale and grow and not stay stuck in the trenches.  



Let me tell you a quick story about how I made my first 6 figures in business quickly without a website or a business card (in fact I didn't even have an instagram or twitter account until early 2014).....then I'm going to give you a simple tip that I want you to listen to!



This tip is for thinking strategically especially when you feel stuck (and it might just surprise you).

I promise if you implement it, it will work.



When I first left my corporate career I served entrepreneurs and executives. I also immediately sold into well established companies of all sizes anywhere from 30 Million - 1 Billion+ in revenue. I knew from all my years in Leadership Development, Business Operations and Marketing that I needed to be very specific in my approach and very strategic with my time.



One of my major initiatives with companies of all sizes was to be the solution for:




I saw all around me and globally that women at the peak of their careers were fleeing corporate environments in droves for autonomy, flexible work schedules, work/life balance, greater contribution, higher compensation among other things.....and this wasn't just an observation, (many of you reading know this first hand!)




I took it to market research AND my team and I did extensive research in a condensed time period to collect as much information and data as we could find to validate and show this was the case!


Then I built a signature talk titled:


"There Goes Another One....How To Reverse the Costly Epidemic of The Female Brain Drain"


"Female Brain Drain" was the industry term for the fact that women were not engaged, they were checking out, they were leaving at the pinnacle of their careers....voluntarily....


This got me in the door, sometimes I never gave the actual talk, just being the authority in the topic got me having conversations with decision makers, ready to deliver a program, and to rollout the solution.






AND I knew women were suffering and I knew these companies were suffering because all businesses need talented women leaders at the helm to excel and I knew I could help both parties and create a solution that changed the future for women in leadership and in business.



 I found the pervasive and persistent problem that these companies and CEOs had and I called it out, then I got in front of them, and offered to solve it for them. Over and over again.



I spent the majority of my time on ONE THING ONLY.... how to have this ONE conversation about this ONE topic with my target audience (and have my team focused on this and this alone)......this is what brought results.



DO you see how we weren't chasing the shiny gold object?


We weren't trying to accomplish 5000 things at once?


We weren't trying to roll out or launch 1 million programs?


The team knew their roles in this and I knew mine. 100% role clarity...


We knew the vision and the strategy and everyone was on board!



This is essential for productivity and profit that grows and can skyrocket even in a short period of time without needing a complex business model or a million moving parts that make you cross eyed.


Because I want you to have all the success you deserve and I want you to build it and learn to make smart business decisions I'm giving you this....


Here is a productivity and profit exercise for you to do this week:



Grab a piece of paper and draw 4 columns. Keep your mind out of the "how", once you see priorities shake out; you can determine the resources and support you need to create the results you want!


*If you are stuck and need to shake things up, let this be a reframe for you.


  • Column 1. Opportunities (Identify your top 10 opportunities to grow your business)


  • Column 2. Difficulty (to Implement on a scale of 1-10, 10 being easiest)


  • Column 3. Payoff ($$$$ Profit on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most profitable $$$$)


  • Column 4. Priority (the total of columns 2+3, do the math, the highest numbers will give you your priorities, ease to implement plus highest profit)


This is a key indicator of what opportunities are best to move forward with, both from ease and profitability.  


Hit reply and let me know what insights you have, I'd love to hear what opens up for you by committing to doing this for your business.  I will personally respond.


And remember the only rules you have created are self-imposed. Step up and be the CEO of your business; start living the life you want to experience now.


You are worth it.  


Your freedom is worth it.


Your family is worth it.


Your health is worth it.


Your impact is worth it.


Your life is worth it.






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