why are you here + what do you want?

The last 48 hours I've been laser focused on the next 6 weeks of my life and my business as there are some really exciting things happening on all fronts and I realized this morning it's exactly what you needed to hear about today.  I sent you this mid-day ON PURPOSE.


I want to ask you something....right now in the middle of the day....








are you breathing right now? .... take a deep breath, a really deep breath.... and then keep reading.





I don't know about you, but I decided long ago that I was committed to leading a life that was on purpose.  A life that was both about my values, vision and mission AND about how I wanted to live day in and day out.



There is a lot of noise about how hard it is to grow a business, how many countless hours you put in, how working through the night and the weekends is a badge of honor, how exhausted you are, how you don't seem to ever have enough time or energy, how you can't find, hire and trust people to do what you need them to do so you can actually do what you want in your business and get paid well for it.



I want to share something with you.  Leading at your highest levelexists in the world of "AND" not in the world of "or"; in other words...the type of world in which you have to give up some aspect of yourself, compromise your desires, your values to get the other thing you want or the belief that you can't have both.  



You can create it all.  And you need strategy to do it...that's it, it can actually be done with ease. 




Check this out.  In the next 6 weeks I'm traveling to some of the most gorgeous, places along the west coast for both business growth and personal vacation.  

I'm going to La Jolla, San Diego, 

then to Newport Beach,

and then one of my happiest places in the world...Maui, Hawaii.


 Not bad, right?  


On these trips I will be speaking as a guest mentor at an event, scaling + growing my business, surrounded by incredible high level entrepreneurs, all amongst complete beauty, self-care, luxe environments, and a peaceful oasis....and wrapping it up with blissful time off with my family to do nothing but just be present.


As a CEO I've built a lifestyle, one that values all of this and allows me to lead and live this way...you can too.  


You only need to do a few things and do them really well to significantly change your life and get the results you want.


1.  You need to know how to hire top performing players into your business...but it doesn't stop there.....you need total and complete role clarity, and you need to know how to lead and develop your team effectively.



2.  You need structures + systems to keep your business and team running on autopilot without you.



3.  And you need a strategic plan that identifies exactly what you need to do, why, and how to measure your success.  (so that you can finally focus on the big high impact actions that will get results and eliminate all the shiny gold object syndrome forever)



4.  included in this plan is YOU.  What most coaches, consultants or advisors won't ever do is push you to see that your burnout, your self perpetuating cycles that keep you stuck aren't being addressed when we only measure business metrics....we need a holistic plan that goes deeper and requires you to do the work on yourself that will keep you leading at your highest level in your business and in all areas of your life.


Let’s be honest.  Results matter.  And it’s time to start leading a new set of results.


How are you working right now?  Are you working 24/7 or have you built your vision?


I'll be honest with you.  My life isn't perfect and yet here is the truth... everything I ever dreamt of is actually happening because I have done the work to create the results I want....


I value family.

I value freedom.

I value contribution.


and I value a lifestyle that allows me to have the flexibility to create, to learn, to build, to be in self development.


And most of all to LIVE freely.


The biggest result my clients get with me is that they serve their highest contribution as CEOs while leading a movement of global impact and influence and ultimately their lives improve significantly. (And I’m honored to be a part of building that legacy)


These legacies are about lifestyle.  Leadership is a lifestyle.


If you are feeling out of alignment right now act, its your time as a woman leader.


whatever your vision is....go after it.


Your life is too precious to wait for, to put on hold...to be too scared about.........  


And if you’re at 6 figures, you deserve more ease and simplicity along with those results.  You need somebody to show you how to lead strategically and courageously; because your global impact and influence is going to require more from you.  I’ll share with you the real skills you need to grow your company, and have an extraordinary life that most people aren’t talking about.


I live for world class leadership that creates results and I believe that you also need to thrive in life to do so, so this is for you if you are ready for that.


If you are ready to lead at your highest level and change how we do business in the world.   And it is appealing to you to have more impact, influence, and more freedom as an empowered CEO and you want me to give you

a complimentary team + business analysis. I'll quickly be able to show you the holes and the diamonds in the rough. It takes an outside set of eyes often to set things straight. Let me be that for you.


You can find out more & apply at ->



The time is now.


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