You are leaving a lot of money + life on the table

You are a leader. And it’s time to start owning it. It’s time to take your stand. 

I hear this a lot: “ I never considered myself a leader before”  “I don’t know how to find people as driven, committed, loyal and trustworthy as myself?”

Or this one: “Am I enough to really take this to the next stage of growth?”

“I’m burnt out.”

“I want a vacation.  I real one.  One where I don’t work the entire time.”

“I want more time with my babies.  I miss my kids, they are growing so fast, time is flying by”

“I feel like I’m always behind.”  “I need more time.”

“I can’t have another year like last year where I hit 6, 6+, 7 figures in my business and got sick, ran myself into the ground...I’m done compromising my life and my values to hit my goals.”

You know you are meant for more and you are ready to scale and have more income, impact, and influence in the world AND you often get stuck in inertia trying to do it all while you are trying to achieve it all.  

It’s ironic isn’t it?

You spend so much time perfecting your decisions and actions which prevents you from moving forward with a new set of results (the type you really want).  

 You have a hard time giving up control; leaning into what you are resisting (even though you know it’s what will skyrocket your results).

Which leaves you to question everything; and if reaching 7 figures, or those big goals of having it all in life as a woman leader is really possible….

Have you ever noticed when a secure and confident leader shows up, sometimes you will shrink in their presence or relate to them as being “full of themselves.”

Or you hear yourself say “I could have told you that!”  Or "I should I be the coach, or consultant leading that call!”

The truth is YOU CAN BE,  it’s yours for the taking.  

If you dig deep, you can feel the difference between real

“I know, like and trust myself” confidence, and false “I desperately hope you like me” confidence. 

A whole and empowered leader doesn’t desperately seek approval.

They take a stand for their strengths, their purpose, and their mission.  


Let me explain. I get asked multiple times per week "how I've created it all with my business growth and lifestyle?"

If you allow this week to be a HELL YES to what empowers you and moves you closer to your #1 goal and a NO to what drains you and slows you down you are on the right path to skyrocket your growth towards the results you want.  Most people take the step to have these thoughts.  Leaders follow through on these and take actions.

Those extraordinary results are closer than you think and the key lies within you.

Do you have a personal mission statement that drives you towards your goals every day?


For example: 

My highest level program the SoulPowered CEO has just gone through an update and I can’t wait to begin to invite the next round of clients into this experience.

However, it’s not enough for me to just know that in order to create a world-class experience and deliver that for you. To remain clear, focused and powerful within myself and what I have my team working on I have my goals written down.

I have WHY this is important written down. I have WHO I serve written down,along with who I don’t serve. I have my values written down.  I understand clearly what powerful results I create for my clients and community, and guess what – it’s written down!

I know my numbers.  I reverse engineer exactly what I need to do to get there.  I run my company as the CEO.  It’s simple.  I don’t just sit under a palm tree and call it in...and I don’t hustle and grind so many hours that I am sick……..I find the right balance; through a sustainable and strategic planning process that supports me to create those results with high impact actions that are not overly complicated and the structure that creates more freedom for me to have the most extraordinary life possible.  And then I keep taking forward action.  Confidently.

And I read all of my mission, vision and goals  several times per day. Not because I think it’s magicly going to fall out of the sky.  Because it keeps me aligned, and focused on my company’s initiatives and goals and my ultimate vision, mission and values.  


By mindfully creating it; step by step.

When it comes down to it, there's not only a lot of money sitting on the table for you right now, when you look at  your ability to make informed choices, and your responsibility to start getting in the game as the CEO and knowing that not only are you worth it, but your movement, this company and the genius that you are unleashing on the world

actually depends on it.

Not to mention - the other massive piece you are leaving on the table…


You can make more money any time, any day of the week.  

But, the one thing you can’t get back is TIME.

once it’s gone…’s gone.

How do you want to be spending yours?   

Not everyone was meant to be a CEO, but you are.

You were born to lead this movement. We need to know from you what your vision, your mission and your values are so that we can get on board.

Movements are led by belief.

Your values, your mission, your vision, those are your beliefs.

 AND Let me tell you that top talent is going to get on board to run your business and they're going to want to work for you; giving you all the time, freedom and results you need to lead an extraordinary business and life. And they're going to lead this movement like it were their own.

And your clients, your followers, and your community they're going to get on board and they're going to join you because your purpose is going to be so crystal clear.

They're going to share. They're going to contribute and they're going to purchase from you and lead this moment with you because that's what movements are about.

People are waiting to be energized and transformed. People want to join movements. Movements are about community. 

Movements are about improving lives and changing the world. I'm pretty sure that's what you're up to.   

So, It's time to be unstoppable.

Contagious leadership is the one thing that sells more and attracts more top talent than anything else in the world. It spreads like wildfire.  

It's your time.

It's time to start leading, the world is waiting.


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