What successful 7 figure legacy builders do and do well

I'm coming out of an awesome weekend where I had the opportunity to support women scaling and growing their empires to think strategically like powerhouse CEOs who are here to lead legacies in the world.

I wanted to share a piece of the inspiration and the conversation I was leading last weekend with you.

My top 4 reminders for you:

  • As a high performer you can often feel very alone. You are the one leading the movement. You are the one inspiring others. And that no longer needs to be the case. You must surround yourself with other extraordinary top performing leaders at your level to get to the next level. Stop ignoring this.


  • To become an effective CEO you can't count on everything that got you to your current level of success to get you to your next level of success. You need to learn a new set of skills. You need to practice becoming a powerful leader. You need to learn the business of people. Your ability to build an environment and community that has clear communication, expectations, alignment, trust, resiliency, ownership, and personal responsibility comes back to YOU.


  • HIRE + ONBAORD ONLY A PLAYERS...Learn to do this, get help if you struggle. You are costing your business money, time, energy, opportunities and you are costing yourself freedom, health, alignment and ultimately this legacy you are so committed to is on slow-mo...not high octane fuel.



  • The most effective leaders do less better. They have strategic planning skills. They don't work on 15 million things. They work on the big high impact objectives, initiatives, projects that move their business forward towards more results, more revenue, more impact, and more influence. The rest is sidelined or eliminated completely.


To become a CEO of global impact and influence that owns your legacy and life you must be able to do these things and do them well.

These are the things 7 and 8 figure business owners engage in to scale with intention.

Want to grow past 7 figures while building your legacy? 

I'd be honored to show you how.


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