It's Time to Tell the Truth

A few weeks ago I was featured in Business Insider and Yahoo News. Since then, I have received a ton of questions about my journey, my story and how I’ve built—and continue to scale—my company.

I want to be real with you and tell you the truth about what it takes. I want to pull back the curtain because there’s a lot out there in the industry about how building big companies that generate large revenues, significant impact and an amazing life requires building crazy machines and super complicated business models in order to grow, scale and have "it all" or your version of success.

What I want to give you are some concrete take-aways that you can start doing today that most people are overlooking or not investing enough energy into their business. It’s this simple:


1. Relationships are King and Queen. We are in the business of human beings. Stop being transactional with people. Start leading with integrity, love and your full presence. Build long, deep and meaningful relationships with peers, colleagues, team members, potential clients or customers, and your personal network. I’ve signed clients while on the airplane speaking to strangers. People always ask "how do I grow my business?" and "where do I find my clients?" The answer: they’re EVERYWHERE. Pick up your head, get present, be curious, and start being interested in others! Start having conversations everyday: people are the heart of everything. You started this to create change, and you can change entire communities and countries one powerful conversation at a time. Notice what happens in your business and in your life when you put this into practice daily.


2. Know your numbers and measure everything. Key performance indicators are not just for male CEOs, or overly neurotic business owners. It’s time powerful women to know your business inside out. Know the goal and be absolutely loyal to it. Know how to measure what success looks like and the steps to get there. It will greatly simplify your business and immediately clarify all the junk, distractions and the ‘shiny gold object’ syndrome that you can let go of, delete or delegate, because frankly its most likely not serving your highest goal or ultimately getting you the results you want. With this alone you can double your ROI in a heartbeat.


3. Build a world class team. In order to grow from 6 to 7 figures, and then to 8 (if that’s your goal), you must have a high performing team full of top talent. And, it’s not enough to just hire them. You must hire them, onboard them powerfully, engage them, have them working from their greatest strengths, and have them collaborating, actively growing, developing and contributing to something greater than themselves. The most integrated, aligned team will lead a global movement that creates astounding results AND you and your team will live extraordinary lives in result.


4. Have the courage to never settle. Most people give up when things stop working or when things get hard or challenging. Or, when fear takes over and starts whispering ‘There isn’t time, there isn’t enough money, I don’t know how, it’s not the right time, I've got too much going on right now, who am I to do that?, I'm not ready yet…. It all boils down to fear. Find the COURAGE to not settle even when most people don’t have the courage to do what it takes.


What I know is that you DO have the courage within you.

It lives within you. It's up to you to choose it.


Your choice.

Will you choose to...

Take a stand for your life, for your health, for your business, for the lives you are meant to support, serve, help, because you are here leading a movement?


Not everyone was born for this, but you were.


And here's the added bonus to know there’s no song and dance required to make it happen, just show up and be you unapologetically smile emoticon Four simple commitments can create SO MUCH for you, your business, your leadership and your life.

It can change everything.


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