This Is The Only Plan You Need

I traveled a lot in March. I went to NYC and California… as you probably know.

I had the opportunity to meet with innovative entrepreneurs launching new concepts into the world, leaders who are scaling their businesses across the globe and are determined to do business mindfully with integrity, love, and awareness.

I want you to know these entrepreneurs are some of the most driven and inspired people I know. They don’t let other people's opinions or stories stop them and they certainly don't let their own fear get in the way; they simply learn to build a new relationship with it.

The key is that they stay in their own lane AND they do it with awareness of their IMPACT on their own lives, on others and the world. It’s the backbone of their success.

The world is ready for a new paradigm of leadership where people and purpose drive profit. A world where it’s possible to thrive as a leader in your business and in your life while making a global impact and creating astounding results.  

More than that, I’m on a serious mission to change the conversation and lived experience of women in leadership and business. See, if you’re like me, you already realize it’s not enough to just to talk about bank balances and ‘location freedom’.

Sure, that’s nice… but what about the world we’re creating and leaving behind for others? What about the world our children are going to live in? Right now we are sitting on the greatest opportunity we’ve ever had to use our talents, strengths and unique gifts as women entrepreneurs and leaders and come together collectively to make a bigger impact.

There are two things you must know and implement today:

  1. What is the purpose behind your movement? Is it leading everything that you do and how you communicate?
  2. Do you have a world-class team? You must have top talent to scale and grow: do you… or have you settled? OR, are you running your business as the Chief-Everything-Officer?

In my work with private clients, the secret is they MUST build and lead their dream team, and not settle for anything but greatness around them. And I make the bold request that my clients lead those teams with courage, integrity, love and awareness. It’s from this place that greater results and freedom for everyone is possible. And, it will change your life forever.

I also ask them to lead from their purpose: a cause, a compelling why, a movement that is so crystal clear that people can’t resist joining in.  

The reality is as your business grows, you shift from being the do-er to becoming the leader in all areas of your business and your life. What got you here isn’t going to be what gets you to where you want to be, no matter how hard you try and force it.

Here’s the thing: nobody builds a thriving empire, global impact and a legacy on their own.

If you are done with burnout and a team that isn’t working, and if it’s appealing to you to have more impact, influence, and freedom as an empowered CEO, I'd love to give you a complimentary team analysis. I'll quickly be able to show you the holes and the diamonds in the rough

It often takes an outside set of eyes to set things straight. Let me be that for you.

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PS.  If you missed it, here is my recent feature in Business Insider.  Anything is possible when people + purpose come first!

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