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in·de·struc·ti·ble (adj):  incapable of being destroyed, ruined, or rendered ineffective


A resilient woman weathers the storm.
An indestructible woman changes the climate.


We’re in the business of building indestructible leaders.
We make smart women stronger—and strong women indestructible.



The mark of an indestructible woman is her ability to embrace every opportunity, rise to every challenge—and get wiser and stronger each time.


You’re more than smart, strong, and in charge. You’re a force for good and an inspiration to those around you. Find out how to channel your energy and expertise; and scale your efforts to effect positive change.


The Indestructible Leader has an Indestructible Team—one that is fully engaged and relentlessly dedicated. They’re more than a team. They’re a tribe.



Unstoppable. Unapologetic. Indestructible.

Leadership isn’t just your career. It’s your birthright.



Are you on the path to becoming an Indestructible Leader?   


  • Are on a mission—and feel called to do legacy-level work

  • Have plenty of opportunities—and obstacles—ahead

  • Want to be the best version of yourself

  • Are on the verge of exponential growth

  • Are ready for your next big thing

But you’re also….

  • Overwhelmed at all that’s on your plate

  • Experiencing a critical transition

  • Nervous or anxious about your next steps

  • Feeling capable—but isolated

  • Craving a tribe of like-minded peers, and a whole new level of support


Join the next level of leadership.



What you need is a new model for leadership—and we’ve got it:

  • A path for bringing your level of contribution and leadership even higher.

  • A powerful network of female leaders looking to do and be and create more.

  • A research-backed framework for integrating everything you’ve learned, read, studied, and implemented—and leveraging that wisdom for your next big step.

  • The next-level support to make it happen.


Join our community of indestructible women for the full-tilt support you need to rise to a new level of leadership.


60 DAYS TO SOULPOWERED How to build a leadership powered legacy and life. An 8 week self-study learning experience.


VIP intensives to gain perspective, dive deep + get straight to the results.


Private consulting to take your leadership, team and business to the next level.  


Bring your level of contribution and leadership even higher.  Join
a power network of female leaders looking to do, be and create more.


5 Steps to Leading Your Business Without Losing Yourself
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