At SoulPowered, we believe that every woman can be an indestructible leader and woman…

...and build an indestructible team.




  1. You are more than smart, savvy, or resilient; you are indestructible.

  2. Your work is not only a personal achievement; you’re driven to create legacy-level impact.

  3. Indestructible strength is more than facing what's in front of you; it’s rising to new levels personal fortitude.

  4. To tap your true potential, you need a whole new model for leading in work and in life.

  5. The energy to act courageously is rooted in your care for others—and yourself.

  6. It’s not enough to tread water; you need to cut through the current.

  7. Being at the top of your game does not mean that the only place to go is down.

  8. Obstacles are not your enemy; they’re simply a different kind of opportunity.

  9. You have the capacity to rise and restore—over and over again.

  10. A resilient woman weathers the storm. An indestructible woman changes the climate.



Indestructible Woman

She is both sturdy and flexible, strong-willed and open-minded, a force for good in the world and bent on positive change.

Rather than dragged by a riptide of stress and self-doubt, she rises in the face of both opportunity and obstacle, and brings her full heart and mind to every interaction, relationship, and goal.



Indestructible Leader

In a culture marked by distraction and exhaustion, the indestructible leader persists, overcomes, and outlasts.

She doesn’t just know more or work harder; she’s attuned to the tides of her team’s needs and abilities, and shores up the resources she and her team need to stay afloat amidst stress, burnout, and overwhelm.

She knows the key to gaining momentum is more than treading water; it’s cutting through the current.




Indestructible Team

The indestructible leader creates, inspires, and fortifies her team, so that they’re capable of functioning without her—and withstanding the rigors of a stressful environment.

Together, they possess the individual and collective ability to seize on obstacles as opportunities, and prevent opportunities from becoming obstacles in and of themselves.

They engage and achieve together with relentless dedication. They’re more than a team. They’re a tribe.





The goal of the Indestructible Model is to help you attain and sustain, unbreakable strength in the face of both opportunities and obstacles. That means you’re more than lucky—and not a victim of circumstance. Rather, you become stronger and wiser in both heart and mind, no matter what you encounter.



You can adapt and demonstrate courage in the face of change, and make the deep commitment to self-care and connection with others.



You make the best possible decision at the best possible time, while balancing urgency and patience.



You tap into, and create, restorative relationships with self, others, and a higher power.



You can cultivate, access, and leverage multiple resources to navigate challenges.



You continually renew, strengthen and revitalize your own energy—an energy that exists amongst and between us, and all that we impact.


You can be an indestructible leader.



The superstar women we know and work with have all the same struggles as you do:

They’ve got more demands than they can satisfy; personal, family, and social obligations; a life teeming with obligations. And, yes, sometimes they wrestle with self-doubt, anxiety, fear, depression—regardless of what they’ve achieved.

We’ve studied, and proven, time and again, that with the right tools, resources, and mindset, you can be more than strong or smart or resilient.

You can be indestructible.

We build indestructible leaders. And not by giving them a few tips here and there for coping, but a whole new way of leading.


What it involves:

  • The insight and foundation for a new way of thinking and leading

  • A practical, research-based strategy that goes beyond resilience training to showing you how to embrace opportunities and obstacles with power and resolve

  • An ultra powerful network of women who think and strive just like you

  • A proprietary plan and set of resources that will change the game in your personal and professional life



Bottom line: You don’t have to be superhuman to be indestructible.



You need to combine your instinctual ability to rise with our proven formula for optimizing both opportunities and obstacles.

We’re on a mission to build not just individual indestructible leaders, but an indestructible network of women who can lead in more powerful and sustainable ways, through education, experiences, resources, and an unparalleled network of leaders.

We give you the tools not just to survive, but to thrive. Not just to strive, but to strengthen and revitalize, so that you continue to replenish and sustain your own resources.

You’ll never be 100% pain-free, trouble-free, stress-free—but you can stay in the game, persist, and outlast.

You can see further than the next big wave, no matter how exciting, or menacing, it may appear.


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