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Sarah is redefining how women entrepreneurs do business.

Her true gift is bringing you from one level of success to the next.

I would sign up for anything she offers and know that I will at least triple my investment on so many levels - financially, spiritually, and personally, just to name a few...
— Kylie Slavik, Digital Marketing Strategist
I made an additional 35k last month with ease and no extra work because of my new team.

Sarah taught me how to hire the right people and it’s completely changed my life and business. Before, I thought that I wasn’t made for managing a team because I’m very independent, self-reliant and I also work faster than most people. I thought that I couldn’t find people who could follow my pace. Now I have my soul mate team members. Now I feel supported on all levels and I’m attracting even more clients!
— Melissa Mayer, Business Coach
Sarah has helped me to hone in on my strengths and I now have built a business that is in service to my life helping me heal from years of burn out.

She helped me set up lucrative contracts with larger businesses as well as create programs for entry-level to mid-level entrepreneurs. She is a true partner who brings a depth of knowledge.
— Tara Newman, Business + Leadership Coach
Working with Sarah helped me to minimize my concerns and doubts about starting my business and aided me in solidifying my ultimate mission. With her guidance, I was able to find clarity on how this business would ultimately serve the community I want to help and how I could grow and maintain the community I’m serving. I was able to identify how my strengths and gifts could help me run a successful business, as well as learning how to clarify roles and positions within the company. Sarah’s coaching allowed me to take the final step from concept into action.
— Shannon Brugh CEO, Writer
I have a clear long-term vision, built my dream team and doubled my revenue

Sarah has had a huge impact on my life—showing me that it’s possible to make a profound difference in the world while also having fun, adventure, and a lifestyle of freedom and ease.

I’m now working from my strengths, outsourcing and delegating effectively. I have more time to focus on what I love to do. Sarah is an amazing person. She is an inspiration, and I admire her integrity, authenticity, and commitment to making the world a better place both through coaching and by giving back to several non-profit organizations in East Africa!
— Elisabetta Colabianchi, Founder + CEO
I would trust Sarah with my life - and ultimately I have.

I’ve expanded and scaled my business. I’m truly running my business as the CEO, instead of my business running me. And ultimately, I’m living a life that I love and continues to blow me away.
— Ashley Gartland, Life Coach, Writer
Investing in coaching with Sarah was hands down the best business decision I’ve ever made.

I now have structure and strategy in my business that allows me to be in my zone of genius, experience more freedom + ease, and take focused and intentional action. I’ve hired the most incredible team to support me and take my business to the next level. Sarah continuously has held the space for me to step in to my highest level of service and leadership.
— Julia Wells, Success Coach
I already knew intuitively that I could integrate work and life in a way that felt authentically ‘me,’ but working with Sarah empowered me with tools and strategies to make this integration a reality. She helped me move from burnout and frustration to clarity and energy by discovering what it means to lead from my unique strengths.
— Jessie Culbert, Real Estate Consultant
Sarah is the real deal. She changed my life! I immediately elevated my life and work, clarified my core values, identified and overcame self-sabotaging fears, and created a workable game plan that has allowed me to start doing my highest level work and live my best life.
— Lisa Shields, Coach, Consultant
Through working with Sarah and SoulPowered I have learned how to build a purpose filled business that fuels my lifestyle. I now know where to focus my attention which allows me free time to play with my kids, cook a farm to table meal, practice yoga or get outside. I can have the job-love and raise my kids at the same time when i have a purpose!
— Kelly Boudreaux, Yoga Studio Owner
I knew as soon as I connected with Sarah that she was aligned with my soul’s truth. I immediately understood on a deeper level where I was meant to be working and how my life was my number one priority. Sarah has a natural ability of holding a safe, calm, trusting space where you can feel completely comfortable in sharing your passion and dream with her. Get ready to change your life!
— Kerry Kennedy, Coach
I went from overwhelmed to having a clear sense of direction and ease.

Sarah helped me find the calm and confidence within myself in times of uncertainty. Sarah has a graceful way of helping you see exactly what you need to reach the next level of success in your business and in life.”
— Shelley Davidescu, Business Coach


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