Hi, my name is Sarah Kaler, and I am passionate about helping purpose-driven women get OUT of overwhelm, and create successful businesses that make an impact and fuel your desired lifestyle.

After leaving my high-powered corporate career I went on a journey that took me from corporate warrior, chronic illness and regular hospital visits to healthy, passionate mission-driven entrepreneur… in just a few short years. 

Back then, I was earning good money, but something was missing. 

I would wake up every morning to a screeching alarm clock, and rush off the office or the airport to put in another 16-hour day, sleep poorly for a few hours in a hotel room somewhere, and then get up and do it all again. 

Even though I loved the people I worked with, my health and personal life were compromised. And I wasn’t making the kind of impact I knew I was capable of.   

Now, my 3-year-old son is my “alarm clock.”

I sleep a minimum of 8 hours each night. I’ve designed my business and my calendar to allow plenty of time for my loved ones, my creative passions, self-care, traveling whenever I want to, and giving back to causes I believe in.  

I transformed my life by getting clear about what I wanted, taking back control, and creating a life and business I love on my own terms.  

And I want to help YOU do the same. 

5 Steps to Leading Your Business Without Losing Yourself
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