I am more conscious of integrating my personal life and career, in order to be a whole person who is focused on making an impact in the world.  Through tools and strategies and a game plan, I have a more balanced approach to my calendar and to do lists.  This has opened up the opportunity for me to spend more time building relationships with my team and my community.
— Kerri Keaton www.thewellgroco.com
“I started working with Sarah over a year ago to focus and become clear about the kind business I wanted to have and the kind of person I wanted to be within it. My work with her keeps me activated, explorative, and excited for each new chapter of my life. Oh, and did I mention how fun this is and how after every call I feel awesome? I didn’t? Well there is that too. 

I am so grateful and comforted to know that in this work, that must be done, I have the ongoing support and creative wisdom from Sarah to help keep me moving. When I am at my best, failure or success, I feel grounded, ready, and empowered - I know that is instilled by my work with Sarah.” 
— Jennifer Moss, www.byhaddon.com
Working with Sarah helped me to minimize my concerns and doubts about starting my business and aided me in solidifying my ultimate mission. With her guidance, I was able to find clarity on how this business would ultimately serve the community I want to help and how I could grow and maintain the community I’m serving. I was able to identify how my strengths and gifts could help me run a successful business, as well as learning how to clarify roles and positions within the company. Sarah’s coaching allowed me to take the final step from concept into action.
— Shannon Brugh
During my work with Sarah I felt very comfortable sharing my story and why I am so passionate about travel. We had a very “no fluff” conversation not just about my brand, but about my purpose and how to monetize my passion for assisting more people to travel the world. I experienced several breakthroughs that helped me to be more clear with my messaging and how I’ll more forward with my business.” 

— Bayyina Black, www.theplanetblaster.com
This program helped me clarify my core values, identify and overcome self-sabatoging fears, and create a workable game plan that has allowed me to start working with my favorite clients and lead multiple workshops in just a few short weeks. I’m on fire!
— Lisa Shields
Before I started working with Sarah, I’d been considering a career change for years but found myself stuck in “passive action.” I was spending all my time researching possible paths without making any real commitments or forward motion. My sessions gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to move beyond my comfort zone and start creating a new career and, ultimately, a more purpose-driven life. 

I was able to define my desired clients as well as why I felt so moved to serve them. I stopped waiting and getting ready and started getting into action, moving myself forward. I now have clarity on what I really want in every aspect of my life. I learned to say no in order to make the space for the things in my business and life that I was really committed to making happen!
— Ashley Gartland, www.ashleymgartland.com
“I’m sharing an “I’m proud of this” moment following up on a meeting with a client. The result was a good conversation the client and more revenue for my team! Strengths I used here: client relationships, reading the room, insight into what’s the required and having powerful conversations that spark action.

Moved from burnout and frustration to clarity and energy by discovering what it meant to lead from my unique strengths. I already knew intuitively that I could integrate work and life in a way that felt authentically “me” but working with Sarah empowered me with tools and strategies to make this integration a reality.
Learned that leadership is not always about having the answers, but asking the questions that lead to powerful conversations.
—  - Jessie Culbert
Through working with Sarah and SoulPowered I have learned how to build a purpose filled business that fuels my lifestyle. I now know where to focus my attention which allows me free time to play with my kids, cook a farm to table meal, practice yoga or get outside. I can have the job-love and raise my kids at the same time when i have a purpose!
— Kelly Boudreaux, www.freetobepoweryoga.com
This has been the most important work I have done in all my years with this company. It complimented all of my past leadership experience. I have learned to have the ability to confidently communicate in a cross-functional way along with understand where I get uncomfortable and how that occurs for me. I now always put my people first and develop and push them with the same communication skills I have learned. I have learned that when I don’t communicate exactly what’s going on it is stingy and not a generous way of leading. I have become aware of how being agile with the business is essential and important for our leadership. I now speak and listen with greater intention all of the time! This was the greatest tool to add to my tool belt for my leadership.
— Lindsay White-O’Neil, Area Manager, lululemon athletica
Since my coaching experience I have learned the ability to navigate cross-functional relationships with confidence and ease. I can now communicate openly. I know how to take personal responsibility. I now have a greater ability to shift from putting out fires to building a people-driven business that’s based in our organization’s culture, vision, and values. I am more comfortable at putting myself first, along with my peers, & the people I support. I have greater awareness of understanding what my strengths and weaknesses are- I focus on my strengths as they are my gift to the team and the world!

Most importantly, I have learned to trust myself and to have the confidence to know who I really am. I am able to truly understand what being a person of integrity really looks like. I understand just how important and healthy it is, to keep on doing ‘the work’, to be honest with myself and to know that I’m part of an amazing culture. I am seeing the correlation between the power of having a vision and goals to support me. I have found a new job in my organization, chose a new path, a new level of leadership, which is the right fit for me. And I have fun at work!
— Courtney Jones, Executive Assistant, lululemon athletica
In the context of a new role, new company and new challenges I was able to be 100% myself and learn to work through what was real, put everything on the table without fear, judgment or compromising my credibility. The coaching space is full of trust and accountability. I would recommend SoulPowered coaching to anyone, you will have the opportunity to collaborate and you will be held accountable!
— Noemie Bessette, Director of Communications, Nature’s Path Foods
Coaching with SoulPowered has made such a positive impact on my personal growth and confidence. I see the powerful results of coaching in my personal relationships as well as my professional life. I experienced from my coach a balance of empathy and candor, a new way to articulate my challenges, a shifting of perspective, a deeper understanding of myself and the strengths I possess. I am now empowered to celebrate my unique strengths both personally and professionally.
— Amy Richards, Co-Founder of Nicklos Art & Design
The private intensive that SoulPowered created for us was much more than I ever could have expected. Everything was so carefully planned and thoughtful, truly taking into account the group, our personalities and what we needed as people and as leaders.

We are now able to collaborate in an efficient, fun and strategic way. We also have an even stronger platform to build off of to continue to be even more related and connected to what truly inspires us and makes us love our jobs every day. I am able to more powerfully leverage my Managers to support each other and me. We are looking at our business in a more simple way, focusing on what we can be doing weekly, monthly and quarterly to be able to achieve the results that we set out to by the end of the year.
— Jess Matyas, Regional Manager, lululemon athletica
From my coaching experience I have shifted out of being in fear to living in possibility. This has enabled me to lead by example for my team and share from a place of vulnerability 100% of the time. My team has shared with me that they have never seen me share from a more vulnerable place. Because of this shift my quarterly results improved. Having a coach has truly transformed my leadership. As an RM I felt so responsible for my teams success and to be an inspiration for them at all times. I didn’t always feel I had an outlet for myself to lead by example. This coaching engagement has created space for me to share and be in the work so I can share from an authentic place with my team. It has blown my mind.
— Karissa Azonabor, Regional Manager, lululemon athletica
My coach’s intuition and empathy were perfectly balanced with candor, accountability, and her straightforward approach. From coaching with SoulPowered I have seen dramatic improvements in who I am for my team, as well as how I show up in my personal life. I feel privileged to have worked with SoulPowered and would highly recommend it!
— Tess Staadecker, Manager, lululemon athletica
My work with Sarah really helped me to realize that sometimes it can be simple and I don`t have to over-complicate things. I got so wrapped up in doing what I am `supposed` to do to make my business work and my life to be a certain way. I really hit a big black hole and thought I have been running everything according to the rules. Yet, in the meantime I forgot about Me. What I was about. And Sarah helped me to realize what is important is to re-connect with my Why. She helped me connect to the reason I have started on this journey. I am reconnected to my passion again and left feeling alive and ready to build my coaching business. I can`t thank her enough. She just saved my soul. I am now looking forward to getting back to me and start building my business the right way for who I am.
— Tatiana Fecikova, www.tatiana-fecikova.com
Sarah has a graceful way of helping you see exactly what you need to reach the next level of success in your business. I went from overwhelmed and at times frustrated to having a clear sense of direction and ease. Sarah helped me find the calm and confidence within myself in times of uncertainty. Thank you Sarah for providing the tools to get to the next level.
— Shelley Davidescu, Food Coach & Behavioral Expert

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