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It's time to surround yourself with women who are changing the world.

Women who are ambitious, high performing and also seek success on their own terms.

This is a community where extraordinary leaders build legacies together.

Your movement is based on purpose, people and profit and performance, AND presence and play and your personal leadership.

This is the place where ease meets effort

Strategy meets soul






It's time to lean in and expand out into what you are being called for.  You are meant for more.  And it's up to you to step into your next level of leadership so that what "more" looks like in your empire doesn't run you.



We create extraordinary environments that blend nourishment for your body and soul with leadership experiences that will transform from the inside out.



Whether you want to immerse yourself in nature to reflect amongst the elements or lavishly rejuvenate on a sandy beach, we’ve got you covered.  Hot tea or green smoothies.  Yoga or a ropes course.  One thing we can promise is you will leave growing more into your calling, your authentic self.

Our retreats are about transforming one’s self into total authenticity.  When we step into who we really are and transform ourselves, the environment transforms and then the world transforms.   This is leadership.  Join us.


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5 Steps to Leading Your Business Without Losing Yourself
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