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Our Purpose

We believe in a world where everyone has opportunity. Where stepping into one’s potential as a leader is a birthright. We are committed to supporting our community and the world at large to create more opportunities for all. By creating collaborative partnerships with phenomenal purpose-driven organizations, we provide leadership development across the globe. These partnerships create new jobs, sustainable employment, financial sustainability, access to education for entire communities and a generation of conscious leaders who will create a new future.


Our Partners are our Family

Honored and with gratitude, we are proud to partner in this work with phenomenal groups whose work spans continents in its impact, improving lives and creating a new future today and for generations to come.



Co-founded by Paige Elenson and Baron Baptiste, Africa Yoga Project is a non-profit based in Kenya that educates, empowers, elevates, and employs youth using the transformational power of yoga. Africa Yoga Project uses the power of yoga to support economic development and alleviation of poverty by creating a local market for yoga. The vision of AYP is to deliver free teacher trainings and create opportunities for youth to step into their greatness, become self-sustaining and leaders in their communities. The organization employs over 98 Kenyan yoga teachers who empower over 6,000 people a week through its 300 free outreach yoga classes.

Visit www.africayogaproject.org for more information.

To be involved, email info@africayogaproject.org.


Founded by photographer Ashley Turner, The Farmhouse Project is a community initiative created to empower Ugandan families through sustainable farming and to create future village unions to promote independence and equality. The average village family has 7-10 children and with current incomes, can afford to allow only two to three children to attend school. If a family has the means to start a chicken coop, that alone can provide education for an entire family. Education is the most powerful tool for change throughout this nation. Through sustainable farming, locals become independent with the ability to provide basic needs and education for their families. The ultimate goal is to build a school in the village with the funding generated from the farm and other local projects. Through a commitment to sustainability, ongoing and future plans include money management, leadership development, community initiatives and village farming unions.


  •   The average village family has 7 - 10 children

  •   The average term cost for a child to go to school per term is 75,000 Ugandan Shillings ($35-$40)

  •   The average family has a monthly income of 90,000-250,000 ($35-$95)

  •   The average doctors visit is 10,000-30,000 ($3-$11)

  •   One chicken can be sold for 25,000 ($9-$10)

  •   A sustainable chicken coop can house 75-150 chickens, after six months they are ready to lay eggs and large enough for profit.

  •   The breakdown: (By selling the following)

    • 1 chicken = A doctor's visit,
    • 2 chickens = A doctor's visit plus medical treatment
    • 3 chickens = One child's education per term
    • 3 crates of eggs = Books for school


Visit www.thefarmhouseproject.org for more information.

To be involved, email us at ugandafarmhouse@gmail.com.


If you are interested in partnering with us and bringing leadership to your program, community, or organization we’d love to meet you!

Email us at info@soulpowered.com.


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