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A small sample of our clients results

“Through working with Sarah and SoulPowered I have learned how to build a purpose-filled business that fuels my lifestyle. I now know where to focus my attention which allows me free time to play with my kids, cook a farm to table meal, practice yoga or get outside. I can have the job-love and raise my kids at the same time when I have a purpose!”
— Kelly Boudreaux
Working with Sarah helped me to minimize my concerns and doubts about starting my business and aided me in solidifying my ultimate mission. With her guidance, I was able to find clarity on how this business would ultimately serve the community I want to help and how I could grow and maintain the community I’m serving.
I was able to identify how my strengths and gifts could help me run a successful business, as well as learning how to clarify roles and positions within the company. Sarah’s coaching allowed me to take the final step from concept into action.
— Shannon Brugh
Before I started working with Sarah, I’d been considering a career change for years but found myself stuck in ‘passive action.’ I was spending all my time researching possible paths without making any real commitments or forward motion. My sessions gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to move beyond my comfort zone and start creating a new career and a more purpose-driven life.”   
— Ashley Gartland
I already knew intuitively that I could integrate work and life in a way that felt authentically ‘me,’ but working with Sarah empowered me with tools and strategies to make this integration a reality. She helped me move from burnout and frustration to clarity and energy by discovering what it means to lead from my unique strengths.
— Jessie Culbert
This program helped me clarify my core values, identify and overcome self-sabotaging fears, and create a workable game plan that has allowed me to start working with my favorite clients and lead multiple workshops in just a few short weeks. I’m on fire!
— Lisa Shields
I knew as soon as I connected with Sarah that she was aligned with my soul’s truth. Just 30 minutes with Sarah and I was able to understand on a deeper level who my ideal soul clients are and how I help them. Sarah has a natural ability of holding a safe, calm, trusting space where you can feel completely comfortable in sharing your passion and dream with her. Right after our call together I started writing down my message in a very clear, grounded way like never before and it felt so aligned and amazing. Then I signed up 8 women onto discovery calls for the following week! Thanks Sarah from my soul to yours.
— Kerry Kennedy

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